Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Golden Globes, part 2

Adrien Grenier and Eva Longoria, who they should have recruited to give the Prince speech. She's that short. Miss Golden Globes (heh): Lorraine Nicholson, daughter of Jack. Best Supporting Actor in Anything on TV Ever. "As the good-for-nothing brother-in-law..." Justin Kirk kind of stares dryly into the camera. Giant cheer for the Heroes guy. Winner: Jeremy Irons, comedy superstar, for the Helen Mirren Elizabeth. Smoopy harp music plays. "This is a nightmare. I live on islands [ETA: "Ireland," rather. SHUT UP, ISLANDS ARE INVOLVED] and I forget all of you and I can't remember your names... I'm supporting Helen Mirren, and if you can't support Helen Mirren, you can't do anything." Helen Mirren grins. Aww, that was a sweet speech. He got bogged down in an "I'm Ed"/"Ahmed" gag for a while, but very classy.

David Spade and... I know who you are. They just said your name! Who are you? My own nightmare, apparently. They are here to present an award to "the least humorous actress," Best Actress in a TV Drama. Giant cheer for Evangeline Lilly, and then one for Ellen Pompeo. Winner: Kyra Sedgwick, schooling them all. "I'm not going to be funny at all!" She is wearing a nice, slightly asymmetrical white dress as Kevin Bacon gazes on adoringly--who she does thank, along with their children. "I've made Jack Nicholson laugh, and I'm not exactly sure why!" Cut to Jack bent over in his chair snarfling. Heh.

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