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Golden Globes, part 5

"Please welcome! Ben Stiller!" Whoa, he has gone really gray. The audience is buzzing, and I half think it's because he's so very, very gray. Clip from Borat (ah, that was Sacha Baron Cohen in the audience), which Ben Stiller heartily endorses, between an obligatory Night at the Museum joke and... a really odd Rocky Balboa joke. "Here, one of the few clips we can show on network TV" ("This my sister. She number four prostitute in Kazakhstan!").

Salma Hayek with Best Miniseries or TV Movie. Ooo, Bleak House, I heard that was good. Also, slightly assymetrical white dresses are It for this awards season, apparently. And apparently Annette Bening and Helen Mirren are TV and movie nominees, and Helen Mirren has two movies nominated against each other in this category. Winner: Elizabeth I. It's just a Mirren kind of year (have you seen the Meryl Streep/Judi Dench/Helen Mirren round table issue of Entertainment Weekly? Finally, some attention paid to older women rather than just empty bitching that you don't see enough of them). Heh, "Britain's longest-reigning queen, Helen Mirren," who is nominated for playing both Elizabeths tonight. Nice.

Rachel Weisz! I love you, Rachel Weisz! A bright red column dress. Huh. She's got the coloring for it, but the floating orange stage background is not helping. Best Supporting Actor, Drama (Eddie Murphy was nominated here and not under Comedy/Musical? 'Cause I'm pretty sure Jack Nicholson ain't nominated for his singing. Strange. ETA: There's only one supporting category, drama/comedy combined. That explains it--I also thought we were on Best Actor for a moment, so... yeah.) Big cheer for Marky Mark. Winner: Eddie Murphy. "Well... I'll be damned... Thank you, David Geffen, for convincing me to work for free." He then thanks a dozen people so powerful that even I recognize their names. If you know what's good for you, Academy...

Jesus H. Christ, the shipper name-smushing thing has hit mainstream television. "Jim and Pam became... Jam. Dwight and Angela became... Dwangela." I mean, I know, Brangelina and Bennifer were there first, but... I'm much more used to hearing about fanfic couples in a shipper context. Wild.

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