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Golden Globes, part 6

"Four-time Golden Globe winner Sarah Jessica Parker!" A clip from The Devil Wears Prada. I'm not much for SJP, but it's an inspired pairing. And for once, I even like her dress.

The utterly useless Sienna Miller! Soon to be starring in a movie I didn't quite catch the name of, but probably the one he did with Jodie Foster, Terrence How... what the hell has Sienna Miller done to her hair? It's this... ungodly Swiss Miss braid wound round her head, with a tiny tuft sticking out like errant hay in the back. Best Actor in a TV Movie or Miniseries. (Bill Nighy! I love you, Bill Nighy!) Winner: Nighy! God bless. "I have already apologized to Robert Duvall... I used to think that prizes were damaging and divisive... until I got one... and now they seem sort of meaningful and real." The audience chuckles. He thanks Emily Blunt and Miranda Richardson ("a big hand for Miranda, please") who does not appear to be there, although, granted, I am watching over my shoulder, but she and Helen Mirren should totally have a Grande Dame walk-off in the parking lot if she is.

Same presenters, Best Actress in a Blah Blah or Miniblee: Helen Mirren nominated against herself, winning for Elizabeth I. "Oh my Lord... Elizabeth I would have an amazing speech at this point... and I have nothing to say except thank you very much." The dress is dark teal, very flattering... aww, she's kind of stammering.

Bill Paxton clinks glasses with someone. I'm not 100% sure, but I think that was Tom Hanks chugging a flute of champagne next to him.

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