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Golden Globes, part 9

Jeremy Irons, comedy superstar, returns! Good Lord, his coat is long. It's like, calf-length. Another nice pairing: a clip from The Queen.

"Two stars who search for a melody and find love in the upcoming film Music and Lyrics--Hugh Grant and DREW BARRYMORE!" Heh. Hugh Grant, whose hair is bodily trying to climb off his head in a frightening return to his coifs of the '90s, wants to straighten something out: Prince, in a mustard yellow pantsuit, was unavailable to collect his award because he was stuck in traffic. Ah. Best Score: Clint Mansell WOOOOO! (What? I loved the Fountain score. Shoot me.) The Painted Veil, alas, wins. My sister, walking in: "Drew Barrymore looks pretty. And supported."

John Stamos ("Wow, he looks like he's on a drinking binge") and Jennifer Love Hewitt, who looks slightly... off. In the face. Like, maybe a slightly higher percentage plastic than the last time I saw her. Giant cheer for America Ferrera, who wins (giant scream), and looks very good, albeit a bit top-heavy, in dark purple. (I agree, support is good; just move it down a little bit.)

Hostess Chick: "America Ferrera! What do you say to people who didn't want you to play Ugly Betty?" Ferrera: "I--I don't know who they are!" Slick, Hostess Lady.

Up next: Tom Hanks presents the Bathroom Break Award to Warren Beatty. Sweet.

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