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Golden Globes, part 12

Dane Cook out to present Thank You for Smoking. I could get away without commenting on this at all, but I feel compelled: Dane Cook does absolutely nothing for me. Nothing. Not even "But he's cute, y'all!" No. Far cuter men are a dime a dozen in Hollywood. Jennifer Lopez did not, however, get one of them. Yes, that's my idea of a segue. (What? I'm writing in real time here, people.) She's here to present Best Comedy/Musical in a one-shoulder black dress to... Dreamgirls. Please, someone tie Jamie Foxx to a chair. Fortunately, they only let the producer talk... and they totally cut him off after like one minute. "And I should Tell You I'm Not Going now, is what I should do!" Then: "And I'm sure we'll be advertising [this win] in about ten seconds!" Okay, that made me laugh, because it's true.

Normally I would let this entry fly as is, since we've hit another commercial break, but... one award. That's just ridiculous.

Courtney Cox and David Arquette, quickly down to business with the TV drama nominees: Grey's Anatomy wins. Seriously, I think they took all of twenty seconds for the entire transaction there. Shonda Rhimes accepts and thanks "every single writer," God bless. "I'm STARING at Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman, this is surreal! Thank you! SO MUCH!" Hee.

Here's Philip Seymour Hoffma... whoa. That... that is a very blue necktie. One might go so far as to call it... electric. Except that one wouldn't want to awaken the giant carnivorous mustache some inches above. Best Actress, Drama: Helen Mirren. If she weren't so awesome, I'd start complaining that the whole thing isn't even sporting. "In 1952, a young woman named Elizabeth Windsor literally walked into the role of a lifetime, and I feel like this award belongs to her... you fell in love with her, not me. But she already has one, the scepter..." Heh.

On to Part Unlucky Thirteen!

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