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Cleolinda Jones

Golden Globes, part 13

You know, this being #13 virtually ensures that Letters from Iwo Jima will win. I know it's not even nominated in this category. You just watch. I called it here, 9:49 pm.

Felicity Huffman in dark green with Best Actor in a Drama, hustling as fast as she can. Thanks, Beatty. Two Leos (cheers!), Will Smith (cheers!), Forest Whitaker (giant cheers!), Peter O'Toole (wow, no love at all for Peter O'Toole). Whitaker wins, and there's a giant scream both times his name is called. He "wows" for a few moments, out of breath. Aww, he's tearing up. "I'm really happy to be included in the company of Leo, and Will, and... It's okay. It's okay. Leo again... So... thanks." Aww, he is seriously so worked up about this. Spielberg and Eastwood are watching him with--well, Clint is wearing an inscrutable look, tongue (literally) in his cheek. Spielberg's expression is just pleasant. I remember how two years ago word was going around that what Eastwood really wanted was to win Best Actor, and I always think of that whenever he appears in the context of acting awards.

"Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger presents Best Drama when we return!" Oh, is that our special guest? Hell. Did they keep the receipt? Can we exchange him for someone of equal value?

"The Honorable! Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger!" On crutches, no less. Best Drama nominees: Babel, Bobby, The Departed, Little Children, The Queen. Winner: Babel. Goooooo Accent Man! "I swear I have my papers in order, Governor, I swear..." Okay, I lol'd. "Those two tequila shots in the car with my wife... I think they will help me through this." Clint Eastwood and Teri Hatcher are staring stonefaced at Iñárritu. I don't know what Hatcher's damage is, though. Awww, he salutes "my friends, Guillermo del Toro and Alfonso Cuarón" and the rest of the Mexican film community. Lovely speech. I didn't understand a third of it, but lovely speech.

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