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Cat scratch fever

Friday: Dandelions on the lawn. Tuesday: Siberian tundra. It was actually 46 degrees this morning, and now it's 34. It's actually gotten colder as the day progressed, rather than warming up with the sun. Damn.

("Feels Like: 25°." WHAT THE HELL.)

Also, and I am asking y'all's advice on this, Bad Cat bit me early Monday morning. S/he got a good mouthful of the side of the hand, so now I have two deep punctures--one kind of where my thumb joins my wrist, and one on the back of my hand at the wrist. The thumbish one hurts, and it's a teensy bit red, but it's okay. The back of my hand has a giant inflamed patch around the puncture. Like, larger than a fifty-cent piece. And it hurts. Is it just because the cat-mouth-bacteria is spreading out over the back of my hand, or do I need to see a doctor about this? It's my right hand, and I kind of don't want to lose it.

Golden Globes: updates, rants, and unanswered questions:

Where was Prince? And did he kick Timberlake's ass? Apparently Prince got a dig in at Timberlake at an Emmy party ("For whoever is claiming that they are bringing sexy back, sexy never left!"), so apparently it was all in good fun. Now, do I believe Prince got stuck in traffic? Hell no.

How good was Hugh Laurie's acceptance speech? So good.

What do I have against Jamie Foxx? Since people asked: long story short, I got really, really sick of that damn acceptance speech he trotted out at every single awards show circa Ray. No, not the part about his grandma, because 1) that was heartwarming and genuine and 2) God knows if I started hating people for dedicating awards to loved ones ad infinitum, I'd have a lot of hatin' on my plate. No, I mean the part where he'd first step up and start that damn call-and-response heyyyyy-o! shit every single time. Winning the Oscar only encouraged the swagger he was developing at the time, to the point where all he's doing is presenting and he starts up with that shit again. He's incredibly full of himself for someone who started out on In Living Color, and meanwhile, all the reviews of Dreamgirls I'm seeing say that Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Hudson nail it to the wall, and Beyoncé and Jamie Foxx are furniture. I'm just saying.

Are we, in fact, ready for this jelly? No. No, we are not. Put it back in the jar, Beyoncé.

What the hell was going on with Maria Menounos and America Ferrera? To recap, as I was distracted at the time and didn't capture the full horror of the moment: Menounos is babbling on when Ferrera walks up behind her for her post-win interview, as she was clearly instructed to do, and stands there helplessly as Menounos ignores her. Someone offscreen beckons to her--you can see it in Ferrera's face--and she walks out of the frame. Finally she's sent back so Menounos can deign to talk to her. First question: "What do you have to say to all the people who said you shouldn't play Ugly Betty?" "I--I don't know who they are," stammers Ferrera, and honestly, I don't either. I've never heard of anyone else considered for Betty, or any controversy about Ferrera's casting. I don't have quotations for the rest of it, but I seem to remember Menounos then asking Ferrera what it was like to work with so many beautiful people, and she ever thought she would ever win an award like this. I have no idea what that was all about, but I have two theories: 1) Menounos is an idiot; 2) Menounos was purposely being a complete bitch. Either way: get her off the stage.

Who knew Sacha Baron Cohen was hot? Dude, seriously.

Why won't anyone give Scorsese an Oscar? I have no idea. I hesitate to say that he's the greatest living American director, but I would definitely say he's in the top three, at least. I swear, I get the feeling that the Academy hasn't given him one on purpose, but I can't figure out why. They seem to have gone out of their way time and time again to snub him--and keep in mind here that the Oscars constantly run on a sort of compensatory logic. Oh, we didn't give it to Russell Crowe last year, we'll give it to him this year, and so on. What the Oscars don't do is try to answer the question, "Who really put out the best work this year?" Because it's a popularity contest, as any democratic vote is. That's the way it is, and I'm okay with that. But here's the thing: if it is a popularity contest, why is it never Scorsese's turn to be popular? I'm not saying he should have won for Gangs of New York or The Aviator per se, but none of this is about any kind of objective "should" anyway. It's more like "So-and-so is umpteen hundred years old, we should give him an Oscar before he croaks," not "But that long-suffering character actor really did put in the best performance, so we should give it to him." These are different shoulds, if you see what I'm saying here. And this is what I'm asking: who did Scorsese piss off? He's a nice guy! He's good to work with! Actors love him! National treasure! "America's Film Professor"! But we'd rather give Best Director to Clint Eastwood, who already has one, for an extremely depressing movie instead of the big glam Old Hollywood epic that the Academy usually rolls right over for. And now, it looks like Scorsese's going to get a pity Oscar for a remake. Yes, multiple people have told me it was the best movie they saw last year. I don't care. A pity Oscar for a remake. Honestly? I want Scorsese to never, ever get one of those goddamn things. I want the Academy to live with the embarrassment that this man made Raging Bull, Taxi Driver, GoodFellas, and they never, ever gave him one. I don't want them to fob him off with a pity trophy for a remake so they can sleep at night. They made this bed by not giving it to him for thirty years; they can damn well lie awake in it now.


Why do I hate Clint Eastwood? You know, Clint Eastwood is a bit like John Wayne for me: I had to see the movies where he was really young to get his appeal. And Clint Eastwood, Actor, doesn't bother me, except for the fact that he uses the mumblesquint as a bit of a crutch these days. No, it's Clint Eastwood, Director, and his Cinema of Bleak that turns me off, and it's what I perceive to be blatant award-whoring that annoys the hell out of me. Lord of the Rings steps on Mystic River, and he smarms (he did? Sean Penn did? Someone associated with that movie did) at some awards show that their movie doesn't have to rely on special effects. Because, you know, it's the special effects that made everyone cry through the fifteen endings, I'm sure. Million Dollar Baby is taking Scorsese's Oscar, but Eastwood says that what he's really always wanted was to win for Best Actor. Flags of Our Fathers dropped off the awards radar? Let's push Letters from Iwo Jima up two months and squeak it in under the December deadline! And I'm not even going to touch the issue of Letters winning BEST FOREIGN FILM, for chrissakes, because the rules were recently changed to allow movies in languages that are not their country's official language to compete, and that's a good thing. It just... didn't work out as well as it might have. Look, I'm not saying that Clint Eastwood is an empirical dick. You don't have to hate him. I'm not saying you should. I'm just saying, he gets on my second-to-last nerve. Jamie Foxx gets on the last one.

How did Jessica Biel end up in Hilary Swank's hand-me-down? I have no idea. But it's okay, because as the ohnotheydidnt entry so eloquently notes, "lol pwn."

Go Fug Yourself takes on the Globe fashions:

>> Cate Blanchett in a lovely black dress... until you hit the scrolldown.

>> Sienna Miller's dumbass headbraid.

>> Vanessa Williams wearing the pelt of Chaka Khan.

>> Cameron Diaz's ruffled horror.

Normal linkspam:

Castro reportedly in 'grave' condition; Castro surgery seems to have been botched: experts.

Obama launches 2008 White House bid.

Blair warns against Scottish independence:
Blair's warning Tuesday came as the Scottish National Party (SNP) used the anniversary of their union to launch a fresh drive for independence, while some opinion polls suggested a majority of Scots and English want to separate. "Separation is a retreat into an old-fashioned view of the world that would be bizarre in the 21st century," Blair warned. "It would be an incredibly regressive and reactionary step to break it apart now." Blair, who was born and schooled in Edinburgh, warned that even the prospect of a referendum on Scottish independence would damage economic confidence. However, he stopped short of echoing a warning by Gordon Brown, his Scottish finance minister and heir apparent, of a "dangerous drift" toward separatism in Britain.
Majority of US women living without spouse.

Man charged in Phoenix "Baseline Killer" case.

New 'Hobbit' Galaxies Discovered Around Milky Way.

Jordan's Petra named 7 wonders candidate.

Winning Nobel Prize increases lifespan by two years.

Jolie, Pitt move to New Orleans, report says.

Two from the Costumer's Guide: From The Golden Age, Her Cateness in armor, and rumors that Robert Tonner (remember the really good Harry Potter dolls?) may be putting out Narnia and Pirates of the Caribbean lines. I am so screwed, y'all.

elendiari22: "Hey Cleo, next time you do a linkspam, could you pimp this for me: my sister-in-law is having an art sale to help pay off her student loans, and I thought I'd spread the word. Thanks!"

sternbunny: "Perhaps something for your next linkspam: The Battle of Helms candy."

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  • Let me tell you, internets

    I am disappoint. Huntsville and Hothlanta are buried, and all Birmingham got was a thick, granular crust of ice--basically, an accumulation of…

  • Updates

    As explained earlier today: SNOWPOCALYPSE 2011 OMG. Well, I've still got internet and electricity, although my sister's already run into some road…


    Well, as sure as I go on about it, it won't happen. BUT. We're being advised that Birmingham may be hit by an ice storm tonight. Right now, I'm less…