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Dogs and dolls and Doomsday, oh my

The hand is bad. Just red inflammation, but it's spreading, and I have an awful feeling that it's cellulitis. I'm going in to a clinic in the morning. More than anything, I'm pissed off that I said on Monday night, "Hey, I think I need to see a doctor about this," but because this has been the week from hell for everyone else (overtime at my mother's work, new classes for my sister, her brakes are out, Sam the pom is having messy stomach problems, my mother's having surgery on her own hand tomorrow...), they've spent the week trying to convince me that it'll go away on its own, even as I have 200 people in the previous two entries going "DOCTOR NOW." We actually had something approaching a fight over it this afternoon--my mother was like, "Are you sure it's not just people on the internet scaring you to death?," to which I ended up shouting, "NO, I'm SCARED TO DEATH because IT'S GETTING WORSE and IT HURTS." So I'm getting a clinic visit squeezed in before her surgery tomorrow morning. What kills me is that everyone's all sorry I got bitten in the first place, and they seem sympathetic to the general problem, to the point where they'll get me all the Advil or Neosporin I want, but it's like they have some mental block as far as the idea that it could actually be dangerous goes. I just can't understand why they won't believe that it's serious, because they can see my hand, and almost the entire back of it is red now. I'm sorry it's inconvenient, but your convenience doesn't really have any bearing on whether my hand falls off or not. TAKE ME TO A CLINIC.

Columnist Art Buchwald dies at age 81

Senators agree on Iraq war resolution. A group of senators including a Republican war critic announced agreement Wednesday on a resolution opposing President Bush's 21,500 troop build up in Iraq, setting their marker for a major clash between the White House and Congress over the unpopular war.

Bush won't reauthorize eavesdropping.

Most of U.S. shows economic growth.

Spain paper: Castro made surgery choices. Fidel Castro himself told surgeons not to perform a colostomy, opting instead for a course of surgery that produced a complication that left the Cuban leader in far worse condition, according to a newspaper report Wednesday.

Radio show pulled after woman's death; sheriff looks into water-drinking death.

Cheat on your spouse in Michigan and spend life in prison? "Nobody really expects prosecutors to go after cheating spouses. But the ruling has the local legal community twittering about its genuine intended target. One theory floating around the courthouse is that the judges were taking a jab at the state Supreme Court, which has decreed that judges must interpret statutory language adopted by the Legislature literally, whatever the consequences. Many other states allow judges to reject a literal interpretation if they believe it would lead to an absurd result. Judge Murphy wrote that he encouraged 'the Legislature to take a second look at the statutory language if they are troubled by our ruling.'"

Woman returns after 18 years in Cambodian jungle.

particle_person: Judith Regan's imprint to close after Simpson book debacle.

Deadly clue to 1918 Spanish flu virus uncovered.

Daughter: Sorvino pulled gun in dispute.

Climate change, nuclear threats push world towards Doomsday. Interestingly, this isn't even the closest to "Doomsday" that the clock has been.

Muslims laud 'Little Mosque on the Prairie.'

Group demands apology from 'Grey's' star.

Escaped chimp gets snack, cleans bathroom.

"Springer" bodyguard gets own talk show.

Lindsay Lohan checks into rehab.

Labradoodle awakens owner during fire. Coincidentally, we've been scoping out goldendoodles and labradoodles to possibly get a puppy or two (two, so they can grow up together) this spring. Unfortunately, the labradoodle we were able to find was $800, knocked down from the usual $2000. Really, we're just looking for a mid-to-small sized dog, 25 pounds or less, that will be happy in a small yard (but mostly indoors), healthy, sweet, smart, trainable, and doesn't shed a lot. The only reason we haven't gone to a shelter is because we have no way of controlling which dog my sister might fall in love with--she wants a larger dog, and the rest of us are trying to convince her to settle for a smaller one.

Dog rescued after being buried alive. They're not sure if it was buried on purpose or not, and are investigating it as a potential animal cruelty case. The dog is recovering from dehydration at an animal hospital.

ailaes: "I don't usually do this - but I was wondering if you would put up this. This is one of the worst fires in local history, and dozens of people are now homeless and in dire need of help. The local Red Cross is asking for monetary donations, and any help is appreciated."

You know how I was saying the other day that Robert Tonner may be putting out POTC and Narnia dolls? Well, here's the latest in the Harry Potter line: the Draco Malfoy doll. Heh. If they dialed up the sneer half a notch, it would be a perfect likeness. (AUGH DOBBY.)

(Also: Hardy Boys dolls. Be prepared to throw things.)

From Oscarwatch:
The Art Directors Guild nominees:

Primary category: Curse of the Golden Flower, Dreamgirls, Flags of Our Fathers, The Good Shepherd, The Prestige
Fantasy film: Children of Men [Wha? Here?], Pan's Labyrinth, Pirates of the Caribbean, Superman Returns, V for Vendetta
Contemporary film: Babel, Casino Royale, The Da Vinci Code, The Departed, The Queen

Cinema Audio Society, honoring sound mixing (the MPSE, Motion Picture Sound Editors honor sound editing): Flags of Our Fathers, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, Babel, Blood Diamond, Dreamgirls
George R.R. Martin confirms that A Song of Ice and Fire will become a miniseries on HBO.

telepresent got in touch with me today about a project he's doing--about "digitalism" (nice way of putting it) instead of postmodernism in theater--for his master's. "I'm signing up to several of these sites (all as Telepresent - Myspace, YouTube, Facebook and LiveJournal) basically as part of my research and search for stimuli. I want to see how people respond to the idea of this project, how they'll interact with me. I want to see how and why people spend their time on these sites. I'm going to be keeping blogs and vlogs on the progress of our piece, so please feel free to talk to me (or yell at me or flame me or outright ignore me), it'll all help me out, and might well end up being used in the performance." Personally, I feel like this ties into the Blood and Chocolate link from the other day--I think there are two separate components to the way people use journal and social sites. There's the mass communication element, in which interesting and particularized social mores develop (friending etiquette, the social consequences of plagiarism, the way people who've never met in real life bond over fandom), but then there's also individual innovation, the creative ways people find to use these sites: viral marketing, role-playing games, online novels, unfiction, the Dracula-reposted-in-real-time community, and so on.

Speaking of Dracula, something bizarrely awesome I found while Wiki-hopping today: You remember Mary Badham, the Alabama native who played Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird? I was looking her up because an episode of The Twilight Zone that she was in, "The Bewitchin' Pool," ran during the New Year's marathon on Sci-Fi, and it became increasingly obvious that her voice was badly dubbed over for some reason for about half the episode. Not only did she sound like Rocky the squirrel in all the outdoors scenes, it turns out that June Foray actually did the dubbing. So, you know: interesting. Then I found out that she has a brother: John Badham, who was born in the UK before the family moved to Alabama. Now, how you're sitting there in the UK and you suddenly go, "You know what? ALABAMA," I can't begin to imagine, but there you go. And it turns out that John Badham is actually a director I knew of in his own right--he did Saturday Night Fever, WarGames, Short Circuit, Stakeout, Nick of Time, and... the 1979 Dracula. Duuude.

ETA: POTC3 concept art from AICN, mostly awesome, but including the most ridiculous cleavage ever. "They painted it on" can't touch this. Caution: mild spoilers.

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    Okay, I want to run an experiment here. But first, a semi-unrelated explanation: Several months ago, I stumbled across a Tumblr entry about being…

  • An idea

    I am fairly broke, and trying to figure out what to do. I got bogged down in the next round of Annotated Fifteen Minutes, which I may still try to…

  • Question

    A Formspring question (yes, I do sometimes answer those still, although I have a backlog of 80+ now) that I don't know how to answer: I don't…