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Now I've developed a robust cough. Fantastic. Also, I am pleased to hear that my hand should be itching, because it is like whoa. To the cocoa butter, away!

Poll: Most think country on wrong track.

Man survives fall from 17th floor.

Co-pilot lands flight as pilot dies.

Mo. kidnappings suspect: Life was good. Brainwashed boy he held hostage for four years, no comment.

Princeton newspaper stirs controversy.

Earth's Moon Destined to Disintegrate. And if any of us were going to be here in five billion years, I'd be concerned. Let the dolphins deal with it, I say.

Report: NYC may lose top financial spot. "According to the report, copies of which were given to some reporters ahead of the announcement, New York and other U.S. cities are falling behind in financial services while cities including London, Dubai, Hong Kong and Tokyo are surging ahead."

Cooper is CNN's $4 million man.

Marni: Leggings Are the New Must-Have. For men. This madness must be stopped.

Shot duck survives 2 days in Fla. fridge.

gplaureate: "The political blogger bill [see previous entry] was voted down on Friday. You can see the results here."

Basic Instinct, Little Man' lead Razzies. Okay, you guys, "Basically, It Stinks Too" is only marginally funny the first time you break it out.

Updated Spider-Man 3 website opened.

Keira Knightley sues paper hinting that 1) she lied about not having anorexia and 2) aforesaid "anorexia" inspired a girl who died from it.

DiCaprio: 'Titanic' made me want to quit acting.

Oscar roundtable, in which Brad Pitt reveals he once had a job driving strippers around (DiCaprio: "Really?" Blanchett: "And that was only last month").

("Hey, when are the Oscar nominations coming out? Should be soon... HOLY GOD, TOMORROW MORNING.")

A cold one for man's best friend. "So Terrie Berenden, a pet shop owner in the southern Dutch town of Zelhem, created a beer for her Weimaraners made from beef extract and malt.... Berenden consigned a local brewery to make and bottle the nonalcoholic beer, branded as Kwispelbier. It was introduced to the market last week and advertised as 'a beer for your best friend.' Kwispel is the Dutch word for wagging a tail." Includes picture of chihuahua enjoying said cold one.

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