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So now I'm hearing that the Brook Highland theater is closed--this is now two arthouse theaters we've lost. And they weren't even exclusively arthouse--just the only places, just about, that you could see something like The Fountain at. Meanwhile, my stomach's upset from the antibiotics, the poms' stomachs have been upset from God knows what (probably something they ate in the yard), and it's all kinds of unpleasant. And yes, I'm still eating yogurt. It helps... somewhat. Meanwhile, I've also come down with a snerfy cold that I've been told is a virus, and therefore unaffected by nuclear-grade antibiotics. Woe.

Kerry to bow out of presidential race.

Tiny London apartment on sale for $335K.

Psychologist evaluates 'jungle woman.'

Rome's Palatine Hill shows new treasures.

Coin shortage could turn pennies to nickels.

Film's child assault scene causes stir. Remember this one? Oh, Dakota.

Komodo dragon proud mum (and dad) of five: "Flora, a Komodo dragon who has never mated or even mixed with a male, is the proud mother and father of five baby dragons, scientists said on Wednesday."

The Sun: Tom Cruise the Christ of Scientology. “Tom has been told he is Scientology’s Christ-like figure. Like Christ, he’s been criticised for his views. But future generations will realise he was right.” Source? Uh... someone. Meanwhile, from katesti: Katie Holmes has a new nose. I feel really sad now.

Against Depression: "Soon after that, I watched a BBC sports interviewer interrogate a Belfast footballer about his leave of absence for depression. 'Many people would look at you and say, fabulous success, plenty of money, crowd adulation—in essence, what have you got to cry about?' he asked. He actually said that. I try to imagine the same interviewer asking Lance Armstrong what on earth he had to have testicular cancer about."

The trailer for Black Sheep, which is starting to look exactly like the kind of movie Peter Jackson would have made twenty years ago (Weta and all!). And that's a good thing. "SHOOT IT AGAIN!"

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