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Well, Prisoner of Azkaban in IMAX was interesting. Particularly in that I got really queasy just walking up to our seats--I hadn't expected the incline to be quite that steep. The first ten minutes or so were actually unpleasant--granted, much of that was taken up by obligatory IMAX test-drive crap--probably because my eyes weren't used to it. The interesting thing was the way POA actually seemed to be made for IMAX--the Whomping Willow swinging the kids around, Quidditch in the rain, Buckbeak flying, the camera moving through the giant clockworks. Anything involving an immersive setting or strong movement is great on an IMAX screen, and while you miss details you'd need to catch on a first viewing just because the screen is so big, we actually caught a lot of interesting little things we'd never have seen in a regular theater or on DVD. The picture of Harry's parents, for example--I mean, yes, you see it in a normal viewing, but on an IMAX screen, his parents are life-size and you see a lot more detail. We even noticed a fox and a rabbit on the hillside as the kids are walking down to their first Magical Creatures lesson. That, and of course the sound is great; you can hear lots of background dialogue, like when Harry and Sirius go off to talk and you can hear Ron and Hermione talking about Ron's leg ("It'll probably have to be chopped... definitely have to be chopped"). They're going to run Goblet of Fire "soon," whenever that is, and while the thought of Noseless Voldemort on the McWane IMAX Dome is a little daunting, it'd probably be worth it just for the Quidditch World Cup alone.

Since this was the Cuarón Harry Potter movie, though, I was left thinking that Children of Men in IMAX would probably turn my hair white. It also left me thinking about what the worst movies to put in IMAX would be (Saving Private Ryan? Borat?).

An update on the Book Cellar scammers, except that I don't know what to do about it.

The usual suspects win SAG awards. Except that Little Miss Sunshine wins Best Ensemble, which is interesting. SAG usually doesn't match up with Best Picture--except that it has the last few years. I don't know that this means LMS will win the Oscar, though--of the ensembles, it was perhaps the one that literally worked best together: Babel had a huge ensemble, but most of the characters never even shared the same frame, as I understand it.

Comedy spoof "Epic Movie" leads U.S. box office. Now look what you've done. They're never, ever going to stop making these godforsaken things.

From obigrrl: Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro euthanized after extraordinary measures.

Two-thirds of Hubble's main camera lost.

Miami plans big party when Castro dies.

Brandy may be charged in vehicle death; police urge manslaughter misdemeanor for Brandy.

Glaxo distorted Paxil drug test data: BBC.

Gore film sparks anger in Wash. school district.
"No, you will not teach or show that propagandist Al Gore video to my child, blaming our nation -- the greatest nation ever to exist on this planet -- for global warming," [Frosty] Hardiman wrote in an e-mail to the Federal Way School Board. In the end, though, the board opted for balance. That means that "An Inconvenient Truth" may be shown only with the written permission of a principal and only when it is balanced by alternative views that are approved by both a principal and the superintendent of schools. "I am happy they are giving the kids as much information as possible," Hardiman said.
I am now dead from irony. Also, his name is Frosty.

Global warming could starve polar bears. Noooooo!

McDonald's selects trans-fat-free oil after years of testing.

Jermaine Jackson wants Michael to convert to Islam, doesn't bother to ask if Islam wants Michael.

Watch Out for Online Ads That Watch You.

From ladykatiewench: Using the Spoon Theory to explain chronic illness.

artemis_archer, in an update on something I linked a while back: "There's an organization that's renaming the 7 Wonders of the World and anyone can vote for which 7 they think should be chosen from the 21 finalists. Egypt is a little more than peeved that the Pyramids have to even 'compete for a spot' but the organizers are saying they're just trying to 'renew international interest in culture and history.' Anyways, once the new 7 are chosen they'll announce it on 7-7-07." With any luck, the seventh Harry Potter book won't drop that day as rumored, leaving people completely incapable of caring about anything else.

The Potterdammerung starts early with naked Equus promotional shots. Oh, Radcakes.

Clive Owen to Play Philip Marlowe. Eeeeeeeeeee!

From psammead: Star of Eragon working on building site.

Lohan Upsets Rehab Residents.

KFed's Superbowl Commercial; Federline Ad Angers Fast Food Workers.

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