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Oscar party

I'm hanging out at the party page, working on pool stats while the earlybird E! coverage drones on. (Fun fact: Charlize Theron tried to get the lead in Showgirls.) The tagboard is up, although the features FOR WHICH WE PAID have not kicked in yet. GRRRRR.

It's exciting, because this is my third year covering the Oscars for the Digest, but it's only the first that I've actually sat here and covered them live. Unlike the other award shows, just about everyone around the world gets to see this one (granted, sometimes they have to stay up until crack-thirty to do so, but it's available). So the theory was that there wasn't as great a need for a recap. That's why I'm calling this one a "party" rather than just a recap, because it's more about us all sitting around, warming our hands by the glow of the tagboard, and shouting at the TV.

The really weird thing is that, since I started the site in September 2001, I have never not had a Lord of the Rings movie to cover. I honestly don't know what I'll do next year. It's like graduating from college or something: all the yearly patterns are over, and now we've all got to find our own thing to root for. And I do think ratings will go up this year--they do have some pretty big stars nominated, but more than that, I think there's a suspense factor in seeing if these LOTR movies are finally going to win or not. Considering that the third one just cleared a billion dollars worldwide--only the second movie to do so--I'd say there's an audience for the show tonight.

Anyway. It occurs to me that I need to go ahead and shower while things are slow. I do have a nice stool/TV tray setup that I get to move Betsy onto when I come back, so that I can actually see the show this year. Be back around... 2 pm my time, I guess.
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