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Quick question: If I were to make an Occupation: Girl/M15M FAQ, what would you want to know, or what questions do you think people ask a lot? It's the O:G half I'm really interested in, because I can rattle off frequently asked M15M questions for hours. The reason I ask is because I love PB Wiki, and in fact I have come to realize that I love writing wikis recreationally, and that really, I think anyone could sit down and wiki their life. It's not just me or anything. But the fact that people keep asking what the deal with referring to Bad Cat as s/he is, and needing a way to remind people that I didn't coin "Potterdämmerung" but I don't know who did, made me realize that if I had a personal FAQ wiki, I could link mentions of either one to the answer. I could also set up pages for my favorite movies and link resources, or favorite websites, or for icons, or what-have-you. Anyway, it seemed like a fun project with a lot of possibilities. So: I know what I would put in a wiki for my own use; what would you want to see in it?

(ETA: I should add that this would include any M15M jokes or references you've always wondered about.)

(It'll be; "cleolinda" is already taken up for my private writing notebook. I told you I love wikis.)

Speaking of sites I would link to--costumes would get a whole section, I think--I was going through some Sense and Sensibility caps for The Costumer's Guide, and I realized that the movie is pretty much exclusively made up of future Harry Potter alumni (Trelawney! Madam Pomfrey! Umbridge! The first Fat Lady!). Actually, I first realized this when I was watching it with Sister Girl's best friend one day; she'd never seen it, we'd just watched it for Happy Grandma Movie Day the day before, and so I suggested we watch it while waiting for Sister Girl to get home from work ("Oh my God, that's SNAPE!"). And the thing is, today I realized that the Dashwoods' neighbor Sir John is Cornelius Fudge. I'm telling you, S&S is second only to the Potter movies in terms of total employed actors in Britain. Now all we have to do is get them to hire Hugh Grant (who I totally wanted for Lockhart), Kate Winslet (who I totally wanted for Tonks), and Hugh Laurie ("Oh my God, you mean HOUSE IS IN THIS TOO?") and we'll be set.


Warming 'likely' man-made, unstoppable. (Right-wing US thinktank offering cash to dispute UN climate panel.)

Yellow-orange snow falls in Siberian province; yellow snow in Siberia poses no health threat. I'll just be over here snickering.

A foiled plot in Britain may signal chilling tactic.

Defense official resigns over terrorist lawyer remarks.

Boston Aqua Teen Hunger Force scare case could be hard to prove. "Some legal experts say prosecutors will have a hard time proving that two men intended to cause a scare when they planted blinking electronic devices around Boston in a publicity stunt for a cartoon show."

Viacom demands YouTube remove videos.

Punxsutawney Phil predicts early spring.

Texas requires cervical cancer vaccine for girls.

W. Va. To Use 'Dance Dance Revolution' To Slim Kids.

Dutch gym to introduce 'Naked Sunday.'

The Departed: Part Two. Oh, why the hell not. If Scorsese can make an Oscar-nominated remake, I don't see why he can't do a sequel as well.

Harold & Kumar 2. Oh, sure, them too.

Russell Crowe to star as Sheriff of Nottingham in a revisionist version of Robin Hood--in which Robin is a serial killer (or something like that) and Nottingham is tracking him. I give it two thumbs up for at least trying to do something different, because I'm hoping they save a straightforward remake for Orlando Bloom. Come on! It's dead center in his skill set!

People magazine on the delicious horror of Radcakes' abs.

Jason Isaacs talks about the upcoming Potter movies ("I'm always so tortured about work - it's always about trying to find the truth in a character - so it's great with Harry Potter to devote my attention to devising ever-more ingenious ways of blasting Gary Oldman with a wand").

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