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Why am I still up?

OMG PRINCE. I walked through the den to fix a plate just as he took the stage--I managed to see nothing but Prince, that was my Super Bowl experience this year. And it was, in fact, super. omg. PRINCE. I mean, I knew he was performing, but for some reason I thought the Jehovah's Witness thing meant that he might not want to rock it old school. But no, he gets out there on the Artist Formerly Known as a Symbol-shaped stage with his dancers and his purple guitar and his anti-rain do-rag and starts up "Let's Go Crazy." Obviously he wasn't going to play any of the really raunchy classics, if only because it was network TV--and seriously, after the Breast That Destroyed America incident, it took some balls to book Prince in the first place. What really surprised me was that he played some songs he didn't write himself, which was a novel experience for me. So he starts out with a Princified "We Will Rock You" and move into "Let's Go Crazy," and I don't know what song the second part starts out with, but he goes into "Proud Mary" from there, and then he's got a glow-in-the-dark marching band out there on the field, seriously, and then he goes into "All Along the Watchtower" and from there moves into an awesome cover of the Foo Fighters' "The Best of You," and then he whips his do-rag off into the crowd and breaks out "Purple Rain" and everyone in the stadium's waving lighters and singing along and I'm standing in the kitchen doorway with a dinner plate staring over the den recliner all PRIIIIIIIIINCE! I LOVE YOU PRINCE!, and he's hendrixing his wee heart out on that purple guitar. And I'm telling you, there was this giant scary burst of lightning at the beginning of the show, which means that either Prince commanded the lightning for his halftime show, or God Himself reached down to touch the Purple One. Who was at that moment wearing sky blue and orange. Purple's a state of mind, what can I say.

Speaking of guitars, my stepfather was apparently in a grumbly mood, and at one point he groans, "It's like Jimi Hendrix all over again." And I'm all like FUCK YEAH IT IS! Oh... wait:

1. That's a bad thing?
2. Jimi Hendrix played the Super Bowl?

My sister took great offense at this, by the way, and a minor tiff erupted and I seriously can't understand why my stepfather, a drummer, is grumbling about this. About Prince. Because it's Prince. Best. Halftime. Ever. Anyone who can find me an mp3 rip of the "Best of You" cover gets a thousand internet cookies; I already have it as an flv video file.

No malfunction as Prince rocks halftime. That's right, bitches. Check it. (I love these pictures. Look at her--rain is falling down in barrels and she doesn't care, because she's two feet away from Prince.) Look at that! Look at that! SO COOL. (Okay, it didn't look that obscene in motion.)

Okay, moving on. Reluctantly.

Amateur ads follow Super Bowl tradition. I wouldn't know, because I didn't see any of them. Only PRINCE.

AIDS activist stopped from visiting U.S.

20 face lash for dancing in Saudi Arabia.

Trial of US soldier who refused to go to Iraq opens Monday.

Swiss ready to pay for fight against climate change.

Endangered cranes killed in Fla. storms.

Nader leaves '08 door open, slams Hillary.

Creative's woes not over despite tasty bite of Apple. Woe! I love my Zen! And it does have a recorder function!

Ryan O'Neal accused of assaulting son.

Disney in uncharted waters with "Pirates" game. And knowing my love for pirates virtual pet/rpg games, I will probably be on it come May.

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