Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones


I'm a little furious right now at a domestic development, so let's focus on the positive, shall we?

captainsblog with conversion software for the win! (I finally remembered that Zamzar is also good for online conversion.) Download a zip of all four Prince mp3s: the conversion is really good (and I can say this having had the flv file on repeat last night), and I trimmed off the announcements at the beginning and the end (the quality service you have come to expect from this journal).

The original conversions. I may be hallucinating, but the sound seems sharper for not having been fussed with. However, you'll have to crank the volume way up.

Volume maxed. Better for playing alongside other mp3s--you won't have to dive for the volume knob.

Here's the best part: I have absolutely no idea who won the Super Bowl. I have no idea who played. I hear bears may have been involved.

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Tags: epic win, music, prince
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