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Still on a mild hypomanic high

By request: a folder full of Prince icons because, as I always like to say, it didn't happen unless someone made an icon about it. Don't forget, downloads of the Prince mp3 rips are in the previous entry, and downloads of the video clips are here. ETA: txvoodoo has also provided a full-length video (avi) download here. Thanks!

(Speaking of Prince--yes, again--I love this: he brought his dancers to the press conference.)

Astronaut charged with kidnap attempt. "An astronaut drove from Houston to Florida, donned a disguise and confronted a woman she believed was romantically involved with a space shuttle pilot she was in love with, police said." Oh, honey, nobody's worth that.

Firms to pay $2M in Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb scare.

Standoff ends at Ala. medical center.

MIT prof begins hunger strike over tenure.

Mo. suspect charged with molesting boys.

New mollusk species found in Philippines.

S.F. mayor seeks alcohol counseling.

Body parts found in Acapulco as killings continue.

Child soldiers still recruited 10 years after pact.

"Chewbacca" arrested for head-butting in Hollywood.

Apple and Beatles settle trademark squabble.

Philadelphia could get rubber sidewalks.

Actor claims self-defense after arrest.

Warm weather prompts Corpse Flower to bloom early.

World's oldest newspaper goes digital.

Ghost Rider stills.

Snow leopard cub!

particle_person: "I've been seeing this MapLoco thing all over the place on my flist. It plots the locations of visitors to your blog on a map. It occurred to me that it would be seriously cool to see what happens if you were to try it. *puppydog eyes*"

Predictions for the Potterdämmerung. Note: spoilers are false and for entertainment purposes only. Please do not start the Potterdämmerung early; I haven't finished stocking my bunker yet.

(Note on that last link: the wiki is still in progress, but... that's kind of what a wiki is. So there are lots of broken links and empty placeholder pages. Now I just have the "don't credit me, credit dragonscholar!" page I wanted. I did, however, go through and put in annotations for three or four "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" for fun, though.)

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