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Wait, the guitar did what?

Continuing with Prince Week (yes, it's a whole week now): Remember the silhouette that I vainly argued “wasn’t that obscene in motion”? Prince's halftime imagery questioned.
Spokesman Greg Aiello said the league has received no complaints. "We respect other opinions, but it takes quite a leap of the imagination to make a controversy of his performance," Aiello said. "It's a guitar."

The majority of the reaction to Prince's performance has been laudatory, including positive reviews from The Associated Press, the New York Times and USA Today — all of which noted the lack of controversy in this year's halftime show. AP Entertainment Writer Douglas J. Rowe wrote: "He delivered one of the best Super Bowl halftime shows — ever."

For decades, the electric guitar, by nature, has been considered phallic. From Jimi Hendrix's sensual 6-string swagger to Eddie Van Halen's masturbatory soloing, the guitar has often been thought an extension of a male player's sexuality. Was Prince's pose phallic?

"The short answer is, of course it is," says Rolling Stone magazine contributing editor Gavin Edwards, who points out that on Prince's "Purple Rain" tour in the mid '80s, he performed with a guitar that would ejaculate, squirting water out of its end during the climax of "Let's Go Crazy".... "If people want to be hypersensitive, they can be hypersensitive," says Rolling Stone's Edwards. "Those trombones are phallic, too. What are you going to do?"

How did we get this way, people? We went from a nation where it was reasonably acceptable for Madonna to hump the floor in the early '80s, and now a respected performer can't even play the guitar onstage. I'd blame Janet Jackson's breast, but I still don't understand why this country freaked out so badly about that, either.

Astronaut charged with attempted murder. The moment I realized the woman had lost her fool mind: “Nowak raced from Houston to Orlando wearing diapers in the car so she wouldn't have to stop to go to the bathroom, authorities said.”

Haggard now "completely heterosexual." "One of four ministers who oversaw three weeks of intensive counseling for the Rev. Ted Haggard said the disgraced minister emerged convinced that he is ‘completely heterosexual.’"

Some newer birth control pills need ban: group. "Some newer birth control pills, which carry twice the risk of dangerous blood clots as older contraceptives, should be banned, an advocacy group said in a petition filed with U.S. regulators on Tuesday."

Border police nab migrant in car dashboard.

Princeton libraries join Google book-scan project.

Arrest warrant issued for Daniel Baldwin.

985,000 Easy-Bake Ovens are recalled.

Eternal embrace? Couple still hugging 5,000 years on.

Love is ... a pair of really good jeans.

Trailers at The Costumer’s Guide: Becoming Jane, Amazing Grace, Silk, Angel, Goya's Ghosts, promo for Showtime’s The Tudors.

Noooo! Dun make Oscarwatch change its name!

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