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Freezing, freeeeezing-ass cold. Actually, the only reason I mind is because I have to take the dogs outside and because I'm going out to dinner tonight; I like the cold if I don't actually have to be out in it. So I'm wearing my giant Queen Susan coat (no wools harmed in the making of it), which is a pretty medium slate green color and is v. v. warm.


Deaths: Ian Richardson. One of British acting's three great Ians; very sad.

The Anna Nicole Smith tragedy snowballs: Report saying it was a drug overdose; Anna Nicole's cause of death still a mystery; Anna Nicole Smith's mother blames drugs; final Footage of Anna Nicole Smith Sells for Over $500,000 (final as in "her final moments"); ANS DNA wanted so that Dannielynn cannot be switched with another baby during paternity case; Zsa Zsa Gabor's Husband Claims to Be Baby's Father (wha?); Smith left tangled legal web.

NBC's Russert: Witness stand unpleasant. What I loved was the nightly news report I saw on--Wednesday?--where they talked about how the jury's body language visibly changed--for the worse--when they went after Russert.

Gore rules out 2008 US presidential run.

Head of Cartoon Network resigns over Aqua Teen Hunger Force incident.

Ex-NBA player Amaechi comes out publicly.

John Walsh doesn’t think Dahmer killed his son.

Norway Reveals Doomsday Vault's Design. And what is the Doomsday Vault, you ask? It's a "Noah's Ark"... for crop seeds. Which is an excellent idea, really.

EMI in talks to sell unprotected MP3s. Well, it's about time.

Clint Eastwood against Iraq war, but admires Bush "tenacity." My irrational annoyance at Director!Eastwood is trying to suppress a WHO ASKED YOU? here.

42answers, a nifty community where you post "answers" and commenters try to come up with many possible questions.

sound_of_bells: "AMC is doing an all-day Best Picture marathon on February 24th from 9:45 am to 11:00 pm in all of its theaters. It's $30 for an all-day pass. I am so, so going, even though I've already seen three of them. *slightly rabid* Anyway, I thought you (and everybody, really) might like to know." Unfortunately, I don't think we have AMCs down here, so y'all go for me.

(Y’all, I just saw a commercial the other night for 300. In IMAX. I actually said the other week that that would be one of the worst movies to put in IMAX ever. My God. </td>)

From psammead: Who really made Babel? and Benicio Del Toro as The Wolfman.

Best name for a movie ever.

From skyblade: Bridge to Terabithia filmmakers say that advertising is grossly misleading:
The filmmakers behind Disney's upcoming fantasy film Bridge to Terabithia disavowed any connection with the movie's ad campaign, which they told SCI FI Wire was deliberately misleading. The ads show a boy and girl entering a fantasy world; the scene actually takes place at the end of the movie.

"I believe it's a stretch, and it's a very difficult decision on Disney's part, but we the filmmakers had nothing to do with that promotion," said director Gabor Csupo (The Wild Thornberrys). "We don't really think that it's an appropriate way of selling the movie, but they're convinced that that's the way to get kids interested, and hopefully they will be positively surprised. If they are anticipating a Harry Potter movie, then we are in trouble. It is not a Harry Potter kind of a movie."

The film is based on a book by Katherine Paterson, which tells the story of a friendship of a boy and girl who are bullied at school and escape into their own fantasy world of Terabithia. The book was published 30 years ago, and it took 17 years for Paterson's son, David, to co-write the screenplay and produce the project. Director Csupo said the novelist was happy with his vision: "She was very pleased from the beginning, because we did not want to turn the movie around or do a movie like the ad campaign is suggesting. We didn't want to do a movie like that."
So basically, there's going to be a lot of angry parents and sobbing kids next weekend.

And finishing up with Prince Week:

jessica_dwg: "Dave Grohl Gives Thumbs Up to Prince." Heh. My initial thought Sunday night was, "Dave Grohl must be wetting himself right now," but apparently he didn’t hear about it until afterward and had to go watch video of it. I do kind of love the idea of Dave Grohl sitting in front of his computer on Monday, frantically searching YouTube. “Prince did WHAT?” Trufax:
The subsequent buzz — and news that Prince had covered the Foo Fighters' recent hit ''Best of You'' — prompted lead singer Dave Grohl to seek out the show on YouTube the next day. "Having been a massive Prince fan my whole life, I was flattered beyond words," says Grohl. "What an honor to be covered by one of your heroes!"

....But let's get back to that downpour. How in the world did Prince avoid becoming a small fry on that slick stage? Some dangerous off-camera heroics helped, for one: After an electric cable was accidentally severed moments before the show, a stage hand channeled a scene straight out of Back to the Future by manually inserting the exposed copper wires into an outlet and holding them in place for the duration of the nearly 12-minute show. It's a wonder he wasn't injured, which is why Mischer says he wants to find out the guy's identity, because ''I think I should give him a medal.''

Extended version of "Thieves of the Temple" from jessica_dwg;

Two versions of "P. Control" (original; remix, also from Jessica), one of the most awesome Prince songs ever (warning: not for the children. No, really. Includes hilarious scream sound effects for the schoolyard catfight verse). And I'm still looking for the first version I ever heard: it was the VH1 Fashion Awards, and they opened with Prince performing live, models striding cheerfully down the catwalk, and the background chorus, "I don't know if you been told, but [word they totally didn't bleep at all] got you in control";

"Thunder," off the Diamonds and Pearls album;

"Cream," also from Diamonds and Pearls, and still one of my favorites, mostly because it has one of the few decent videos Prince ever did and the line "You're filthy cute and baby, you know it";

"Little Red Corvette." If you don't have this in your '80s collection, you need to seriously reevaluate your life. If you don't have an '80s collection, well, then... carry on;

An eight-minute version of "Purple Rain";

"Darling Nikki," the original version of the song the Foo Fighters covered;

"I Would Die 4 U," another favorite;

"Scandalous," off the Batman soundtrack (it actually runs over the credits of the movie);

And two songs you can hear Prince doing backup on, if you listen closely: Sheila E.'s "The Glamorous Life" (the other song that got me through "Titanic in Fifteen Minutes") and Martika's "Love, Thy Will Be Done," both of which he also wrote.

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