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Okay, let's see if LJ will let me post

So I ate heaps of better-than-Hershey chocolate (Ghirardelli! Ferrero Rocher! Lindt!) and watched my Marie Antoinette DVD today. Best Valentine's in years, y'all. Thoughts:

Kirsten Dunst has vampire teeth and scary man hands. And I still like her anyway. Anyone who can read her fuggings at Go Fug Yourself and get a kick out of them is okay by me.

Also, her father is German, which I learned from watching the making-of featurette, making her oddly apt to play an Austrian princess.

Marianne Faithfull (Empress Maria Teresa) can go her one better by actually being descended from 800 years of Austrian nobles through her mother, Baroness Erisso. And yet all I can ever think of when I hear her name is Mars barrrrrr!, which makes it all the more unfortunate that the story isn't even true.

I love Rose Byrne in this movie. "I do believe that's me sucking on your toes over there... Here's Jefferson getting a tour of the Royal Bush!"

Trufax: Mary Nighy (the Princesse de Lamballe, i.e., Marie Antoinette's friend who isn't Rose Byrne) is Bill "Become a pop star and get your drugs for free!" Nighy's daughter. I would have said "Davy Jones," but I figured that went without saying.

"Cribs with Louis XVI": "This my Hall of Mirrors. It's a hall... of mirrors... where I can check myself. Before I wreck myself." Bonus points for the obnoxious MTV-style editing and Jason Schwartzman's incessant use of the phrase "100% real" ("I like to come in here and look at my 100% real paintings... through my 100% real crystals"). A+ Cribs parody, would lol again.

My favorite costumes, in order of appearance (click for full size. Oh, please, you knew it was coming):

1. It's stripy, it's candy-colored, it's girly and frillicious. Also it has a fan and a hat.

2. The fabric is fantastic, although it makes her look a bit like part of the wallpaper. Which may have been the intended effect (omgsodeep!).

3. You see this peach dress for about four seconds, and I didn't even remember it until I was going through screencaps. And yet it is to die for.

4. Deceptively simple--a polonaise? When you see the shoulder in closeup, you realize that it's actually a very fine teal stripe.

5. I don't actually like this dress much. Yellow's not really my thing--but look at baby doll rock that hat! Look at that!

6. The other actresses get a number of fab dresses themselves, which makes Milena Canonero's achievements all the more impressive--it's not just Kirsten Dunst who gets 60+ costume changes, and none of the others' gowns are substandard. Rose Byrne get a fantastic dress with gold lace undersleeves at the opera, but for some reason, I still like this red one from the birthday party the best. I think it's the coordinating roses.

7. Here's Mary Nighy in an unexpectedly fabulous dress from the later, simpler period in the movie. Between the Grecian hairstyle and the high buttons on the overdress, you can see Regency-era fashion starting to percolate.

8. From the same scene: you see this one for like a minute total, but it's this fantastic double-button front with sheer striped sleeves. If I actually looked good in this, I would wear it every day. Or at least the days I wasn't wearing the blue dress with the red belt.

9. Because the blue dress with the red belt is fabulous. Even though fashion's constructions are such that Marie Antoinette's dreamy race to her bedroom becomes more of an impassioned shuffle.

10. The striped garden dress is fantastic in a very casual way, but here's the thing: look at the stripes up close. They're this wonderful range of pastels. I would totally wear this dress every third day.

Al Franken to run for Minn. Senate seat.

Archaeologists find Akhenaten-era tomb.

New ice cream named for Stephen Colbert.

Wedding Bells Loom for Other Howard Stern. I never thought I'd see the day when Radio Guy Howard Stern would be "the other Howard Stern."

Why it's not a good idea to email Brian Eno.

Harry Potter news: New Photo of Grieving Harry from Order of the Phoenix; First Look at Aberforth in The Hog's Head from OotP; Jason Isaacs on Playing Lucius Malfoy: "Unalloyed Nazi Evil."

Shot of Keith Richards in POTC3. Also, Oscar Watch: Why Pirates Will Win Best Visual Effects. Because duh? It's just a hunch on my part.

Roger Ebert Says Rumor Mill Has Sunshine Upsetting Best Picture. Dammit, I was leaning towards The Departed stealing it from Babel on the strength of a Scorsese pity push, but now I'm tempted to play LMS in the pool for the sheer I TOLD YOU SO factor if it does win.

King and Abrams in Talks for Dark Tower: "The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed an earlier IGN story that said Stephen King and J.J. Abrams are in talks to bring King's 'Dark Tower' book series to the screen." And apparently Abrams is off Star Trek as well.

McAvoy Noses Into Penelope. " 'It's kind of strange,' McAvoy said in an interview while promoting his new film, the romantic comedy Starter for 10. 'In a magical-realistic fable-fairy tale, I play an alcoholic gambling addict who falls in love with a woman [Christina Ricci] who has a pig's nose.' " I'm just glad Mr. Tumnus is working, y'all.

Lost: Lost Video Backstories Online; 'Lost': Are only fools enslaved by a recording played backwards? ("The good geeks at SciFi2U posted this video of last week's (season three spoilers for overseas folks) >>brainwashing/sleep deprivation scene.... played backwards. In it, a woman's voice (possibly Ms. Klugh's? I want her back!) repeats 'Only fools are enslaved by time and space.'<< ")

Nicolas Cage Calls Out 'EW' For Its Snobbishness Over Works Of Art Featuring Hogs And Flaming Skulls.

Bridge to Terabithia not a complete travesty?

The M. Night Shyamalan script that no one wants to buy. Irony: it's actually pretty good.

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