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Catching up

(Actually, I'm now listening to Tori Amos, but I really, really wanted to have that song up there at some point.)

Hmm. My first entry with a journal client--Semagic.

I was on IM earlier today with Vladimir, who was all like, "Awww, why haven't you updated your journal?" I was surprised to realize that I hadn't, not for a couple of days--I spend so much time updatings sites and blogs and feeds and things that sometimes one of them slips my mind. I did update the Digest newstracker tonight, though, even though I didn't finish until 2 am. (If you ever see the entry dated as "11:55 pm," that's totally code for, "Wow, this so ran past midnight. Shhhh.")

Sister Girl went to see The Passion of the Christ last night. She didn't so much like it--didn't like the way it focused on the violence rather than, you know, the Christliness. She's home for a couple of days before she goes to Georgia to see her boyfriend again at the base, before he leaves for Afghanistan. We are united now in our decision to vote Not Bush--Sister Girl so that boyfriend can come home sooner (with any luck), and I because... well, I'm a liberal. There's, you know, that.

Am on a nice multi-vitamin that makes me feel much more sprightly now. Sam, unfortunately, was a bit sick today--I think the deck construction upset him. Lucky Dog, on the other hand, is as sanguine as ever. Meko came upstairs and I hoisted her up onto the bed (heavy red Pomeranian, is Meko), and that made her smile so hard she couldn't even keep her eyes open.

Oh, also: I have decided to fulfill my destiny as both a grammarian and a pirate. I come in about halfway down the thread. Seriously, Talk Like a Pirate Day should come more than once a year.


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