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Tons of linkspam, and the last one's a killer:

Auditors: Billions wasted in Iraq.

Study finds out why it's gross to kiss your sister, contradicts Freudian theory, confirms what I've always believed: it's far weirder for people who are not related but were raised as siblings to hook up than for brother and sister who weren't aware of that relationship to hook up--I'm not saying stranger-siblings should, but I think a lot of judgment can be suspended when the "OH GOD, WE DIDN'T KNOW!" moment arrives. (I'm thinking of a certain John Sayles movie in particular here.)

Peanut butter recalled over salmonella: "ConAgra Foods Inc. told consumers to discard certain jars of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter after the spread was linked to a salmonella outbreak that has sickened almost 300 people nationwide. Lids of jars with a product code beginning '2111' can be returned to ConAgra for a refund, the company said." Guess who has two different jars with that exact code on the lid? Guess whose sister has been laid up with "the flu" for a week? NO, GUESS.

Utah mall gunman was Srebrenica survivor, cousin says.

'Say your prayers,' Philadelphia investor shooter told victims.

Police probe new Maltese Falcon mystery.

Author Amis accepts teaching post.

Wisconsin man spears a 6-foot sturgeon.

Chinese man gets death for ant-breeding scam... in which he conned people out of 3 billion yuan ($387 million).

From nikita: After amnesia, falling in love again.

From psammead: Teacher snorts coke in class.

Mother cat adopts newborn Rottweiler.

Valentine's Day Massacre at MTV and VH1 as firings hit nearly every department and Nick Jr. magazine goes under.

Smith's baby may not be bundle dad is hoping for.

Actress Keri Russell marries in New York.

'Mr. Cooper' actor: I considered suicide after painful burn accident.

Catch Milli Vanilli if You Can: "[Universal Pictures] has acquired the rights to make a picture about the pop group, with Jeff Nathanson (the scripter on Catch Me if You Can) writing and directing the project. Variety is reporting that Nathanson will probably take an approach to Milli Vanilli similar to the one he took on Leonardo DiCaprio's criminal character from Catch Me if You Can and depict the lip-synching band in a sympathetic light. He has "secured the cooperation" of bandmate Fabrice Morvan as well as the estate of Morvan's late partner Rob Pilatus." Was the groundbreaking Behind the Music not enough?

New Nanny Diaries trailer with Scarlett Johansson.

The Dark is Rising Finds a Brother ... and its Villain: Gregory Smith and Christopher Eccleston, respectively.

Sigourney Weaver Signs For James Cameron's Avatar; partial listing of the rest of the cast.

Barrymore "Not Dating Braff." When pressed for a comment, she replied, "I already have plenty of mixtapes, thanks."

'Lost' Producers Upset About Destroyed Footage; Lost Fans Party For Charity ("Previous Lost fan parties raised as much as $5,000 for the CDF and were attended by Lost producers, writers and actors. The Lost Weekend is sponsored by Lost Radio and the Fuselage fan posting board"); deeply awesome new episode gets lowest ratings ever, presumably because it didn't involve the Jack/Kate/Sawyer clusterfuck (and I like Jack, Kate and Sawyer). Speaking of the Deeply Awesome New Episode, I started a recap, took a break to get a drink, ended up mopping the entire kitchen (incontinent diabetic dog, what can I say), and by the time I came back, couldn't remember what all had happened. So I'm going to rewatch the episode at and finish that up.

Henderson Slated for Pitt's Mr. Smith Role: "New Zealand movie hunk and The Ring star Martin Henderson is leading the race to land Brad Pitt's Mr. Smith role, opposite Jordana Brewster, in a new TV series based on the hit movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith."

Director: "I Received Death Threats":
Director Gregory Nava (Selena, American Family) said today (Thursday) that he received death threats during the production of Bordertown, his film about the unsolved murders of dozens of women in Juarez, Mexico that is competing for the top Golden Bear award at the Berlin Film Festival. Nava told a news conference at the festival that he was obliged to shoot the majority of the film, including all scenes involving its stars, Jennifer Lopez and Antonio Banderas, in other border towns "because it was too dangerous. ... There were people [in Juarez] who didn't want the movie to be made." Nava did not indicate who had made the threats. But executive producer Barbara Martinez Jitner, who took a five-man crew to Juarez to shoot some scenes with actors doubling for the stars, fingered Juarez police. She said that a production assistant was picked up by police and was beaten and forced to reveal where the crew would be filming; her hotel room was broken into; the crew was followed, "until finally we had to hire a gunman to stand next to the camera so that I could get footage for this movie ... until mysteriously our cameras were stolen and we had to end the shoot." (In August, three Mexican men were arrested in the U.S. and deported to Juarez, where they were charged with the murders. They have denied the charges.)

My Eyes, They Won't Stop Bleeding: "It's not that I want to actually promote the new Hugh Grant/Drew Barrymore comedy Music & Lyrics, although it looks cute enough for a mindless romantic comedy. It's just that I find this the most terrifyingly plausible fake 80s video of all time." AUGH, IT IS. Keep an eye out for Hugh Grant on keyboards.

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