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Happy mommy birthday!

Ugh. I just ate three Samoas on an empty stomach, and that was kind of a bad idea.

Meanwhile, today was my mother and her sister's birthday. Note: they are not twins. That's right: they were born five years apart on the same day. My sister and I were actually born seven years and three days apart. Altogether, it's a little weird. Anyway. There was Johnny Ray's barbecue and chocolate roulage. I think we now have an entire month without a family-gathering holiday, but we'll be back on Easter with, if I remember my family traditions correctly, baked ham and four-layer chocolate dessert. The Jones family is nothing if not deliciously predictable.

Happy Year of the Pig from Neil Gaiman: "Pigs, I learned as a boy, reading books, especially young pigs, are loveable, brave, noble and intelligent animals who have adventures. I hope this year you get to be brave and noble and intelligent. But mostly I hope you get to have adventures. (As G. K. Chesterton once said, An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered. An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered... )"

Nowadays, an inconvenience really is just a journal entry waiting to be written, and an adventure is just a particularly awesome interpretation of an inconvenience. Or at least that's how I like to think of it. Of the entries on this journal worth reading, this is, in fact, the basic format of half of them (see also: the rooster story, the Sonic incident, "It has stripes!," and so on). I'm just saying, think about that the next time something crappy happens to you: it's going to make a great story.

Also: Longford, AIEEEEE. Who knew that Andy Serkis was pure evil?

Reid: Iraq 'worst...policy mistake' in U.S. history. Yes, even considering Vietnam (he says).

Confessed Web addict sues IBM for firing him.

Sack of baby skeletons found behind hospital. Almost too depressing to post... but too weird not to.

Mummified body found in front of blaring TV. The body had been there for more than a year. They're already confused as to why the power was never shut off. Here's my question: why was the TV blaring only then? In other words, had it been on for a full year, because that's what he'd been doing when he died--watching television? But if so, why had no one ever reported it before? Had they just put up with an oft-blaring TV for a year... or had it only just started blaring? I'm not even sure where I'm going with this, except that... weirrrrrd.

This one's going up there with the Liz Hurley safety pin dress and the Jennifer Lopez spectacle: "Thai actress Chotiros Suriyawong poses for a photograph in Nakhon Ratchasima, 260 km (162 miles) northeast of Bangkok, February 12, 2007. Suriyawong, a rarely known Thai actress who has become infamous overnight after wearing a revealing black dress to Thailand's version of the Oscars, will read for the blind for two weeks, a penalty from her university for the controversy."

Ghost Rider Burns Up Box Office. I was shocked until I remembered that it's February, the box-office graveyard. Even August has better movies than February.

WB Issues Press Release Defending Dan Radcliffe. This after weeks of either threatening to replace him or being rumored to be threatening to replace him. My theory is that either Warner Bros is too smart to have ever threatened any such thing, or they're even smarter and they did threaten it just to have millions of fans rise up foaming about how much they love him.

David Cronenberg Working on Opera Version of 'The Fly.'

A New Poster For The Star Wars Comedy '5-25-77.' Believe it or not, there are actually two Star Wars Fanboy movies: "If Johnson keeps to his release date, it might put the film in competition with MGM's Fanboys, but considering what Erik thought of the Fanboys trailer, 5-25-77 should have a fighting chance."

Oscarwatch: The Costume Design Guild winner (period costume category) was... Chung Man Yee for Curse of the Golden Flower. This is the only movie I've been worried about beating Marie Antoinette, and now you see why.

Vote for new Edy's ice cream flavors in some kind of American Idol tie-in thing. All I know is, Sister Girl wants you to vote for Take the Cake, although I'm more interested in the triple chocolate one myself. (Yes, I already had a pre-existing "ice cream" tag. I can't believe it ei... well, actually I can.)

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