Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Monday morning, slight headache

Not much going on this morning, except that I have a crapload of things I should be doing.

66 die in India-Pakistan train attack.

Science finds new ways to regrow fingers.

Feeding your brain: new benefits found in chocolate. Well, now I feel a lot better about eating a bunch of Lindt this morning!

Tasmanian devils face extinction from mutant cancer.

Transsexual pioneer Renee Richards regrets fame.

Sex in fast lane halts traffic on road.

Man wins $25,000 lottery two days in row.

Britney goes bald in stunning makeover. I think I've figured out why this particular development is so shocking, compared to her previous exploits with baby-dropping and mimsy-flashing and car-barfing: publicly shaving her head directly affects her professional earning power. Maybe she was, as has been rumored on ohnotheydidnt, on meth at the time; maybe she wasn't thinking at all. But what she's done, whether she realizes it or not, is gone and changed her image and thus the path of her career. Now, she can go record some more songs in the vein of "Stronger" and go rock the baldness V for Vendetta style, or she can slap some wigs on and pretend it never happened. But the thing is... we know it happened. We'll never be able to look at her without thinking, "She's baaaaald under there." So now that she's done this, she has unwittingly set a change of professional image in motion that is going to require her to sack up and take control of her life and adopt the "sadder but wiser/stronger/tougher" persona, or... she's going to slip into hapless trashiness. Or even deeper into hapless trashiness, rather. And because the dehairification seems to have been completely thoughtless and unplanned on her part, I'm not sure she understands the crossroads she's at here.

The Hobbit in 2009? With Sam Raimi? I think I've just given up on this one, to the point where any new development is just One More Step Towards Inevitable Suck. It's a lot easier on my nerves that way.

New Simpsons movie trailer.

Lohan Parties After Being Released from Rehab; Ray Liotta arrested, charged with DUI.

Children of Men won for cinematography at the American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Awards! Yay!

particle_person: "Via Dave Barry's blog: The Pirate Toaster. If ever an invention were perfect for you, Cleo, this is the one. I mean, breakfast and pirates!"

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