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C-H-A to the T-T-Y today

What with this being my third entry of the day, and all.

Maggie has all 65 Marie Antoinette dress pages up! And we're still looking for that pink dress with the bow at the bottom of the page--we haven't seen it anywhere in the movie. Meanwhile, I went through some Eragon DVD caps last night (wait a minute... that isn't out on DVD yet, is it? And yet somehow, there were 7700 caps), and I may actually do a costume feature here like the one I did for MA, except the focus of this one would be how the elf chick's costumes make no sense. You know how Lovecraft writes about how mortals get a glimpse into the Elder Gods' realm and go mad from all the non-Euclidean geometry? The Elder Gods are wearing Elf Chick's costumes, is all I'm saying. You'll see what I mean, if/when I put pictures up.

Tonight: the sorting of Prestige caps, because oh_cap is awesome. (DVD release tomorrow, whee!) Also, I'm thinking of making actual Heroine Addict icons for movies that have come out... well, since V for Vendetta, which I think was when I did the last batch.

Year of the Golden Pig?

Croatia probes Hitler likeness, jokes on sugar packets. Is it wrong that I want to know what the jokes were? I guess I want to know if bad Hitler jokes appeared on sugar packets.

Why YouTube is good for television--and why megacorporations are stupid to force YouTube to remove clips. "Comedy Central has put clips on its own site and even allows them to be embedded, like YouTube players, on blogs. Fine. But the first problem with that is that the network is speaking to the audience it already has. To attract a new audience - to make up for the free YouTube promotion it has now cut off - Viacom will have to invest marketing money. Control can be expensive. The second problem is that the network, not the audience, is picking the good stuff now. If your audience wants to praise and recommend and pass around your best stuff, why wouldn't you let them, encourage them, enable them?"

Here's my theory: the bottom line is that you want people watching the first airing of a particular show--the official airing on the channel, with the advertising. Any redistribution of clips afterwards has the potential to increase your audience, which brings in new people, who will watch future primary airings with advertising. After that primary airing, the content is essentially useless in terms of ad revenue--in the case of a news show like The Daily Show in the example, you're either not going to show it again, or by the time you've rerun it, its value has decreased. I fully understand wanting to crack down on people downloading entire episodes without official sanction; that's material you could be selling on DVD. But ABC, for example, has realized that offering those same entire episodes (albeit in a streaming format) allows people who missed the show or have just heard about it to catch up, thereby increasing their audience for (sing it with me if you know the words) the primary airings with advertising. And short clips, the kind of YouTube? Are not decreasing the value of material that could potentially hit DVD. How could it? Short 1-5 minute clips do nothing but make people want to see the rest of the program, if it's good. It's free advertising, which in turn draws people to watch (take it to the bridge, drop it in the water) the primary airings with the PAID advertising.


Meanwhile, you know how I said Britney was going to have to step up and rock the Vendetta head, or slip into hapless wigdom? Uh oh.

(divabat brings up an interesting point: "I'm not sure why so many people think Britney being bald is necessarily a bad thing. It almost conforms to some standard that women cannot be bald onoz!! but really, does it matter? Australia's gonna have Shave For A Cure soon, where people shave or colour their hair for cancer research, and I'd rather this effort doesn't get looked at badly just because someone famous decided to shave their head." Which is a good point--I don't think the shaving was a bad thing per se. To repeat my reply, I actually think it looks kind of awesome, and if she decided to rock it Vendetta-style I would actually like it a lot more [than her previous look]. What struck me, though, was how that's still a definite change in her professional/media image--one that I think would actually benefit her--but one that I think she made unknowingly, and in fact she probably won't capitalize on a positive new look and will try to cover it up in pathetic ways. Which brings us back to the Daily Mail link above.)

("While she was in the club she kept going to bathroom all the time, which was weird." What's weird about that? You can't do drugs out on the dance floor, after all. Sigh.)

Script Review of Edgar Allan Poe Biopic Online. "Poe falls in and out of lucidity as he struggles with his nemesis, The Shadow. As if that wasn't enough, all of the dialog in the script is written in rhyming couplets, and some scenes are direct adaptations of his writing -- which could just be the best way to incorporate Poe's short stories into cinematic form, without trying to beef them up into features. And to make the potential project even more appealing -- rumor has it that the script has made its way to Johnny Depp, who has not only shown interest in bringing Poe to the screen before, but considers the writer to be one of his favorites."

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters poster. Okay, the title makes me laugh.

Jake Gyllenhaal Still Working Through His David Fincher Issues.

Gaffled from Neil Gaiman's blog: I clicked all the way through to the end, and I still have no idea what is going on here.

"The McMissile incident": Man, I think we dodged a bullet when my mother decided just to dump the limeade out.

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