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Oscar blog, part 3

”It is our honor to introduce a close friend of Ricky Bobby,” and it’s totally Will Ferrell in a fro, holding a white rose and woefully warbling a song about how comedy always gets the shaft at awards (which, by the way, it does). Oh God, it’s Jack Black. God, someone tranquilize him. Now he’s threatening to fight various nominees, including Leo and Peter O’Toole and, on Will Ferrell’s part, Ryan Gosling and Mark Wahlberg--“Actually, I’m not going to mess with you. You’re actually kind of badass.” And then Jack Black hits on Helen Mirren: “You’re just hot. What party are you going to?” And then John C. Reilly stands up and begs for this to stop and I’m kind of with him on this one.

Best Makeup! I have Pan down for this one as well, and just from the clips, it’s... kind of no contest. John C. Reilly paws helplessly at the envelope as Ferrell struggles with it. And Pan wins, whee! Montse Ribé thanks “the Aca-demmy” and, I think, Picasso. God bless. And then they play the two of them off the stage.

Ellen DeGeneres is backstage “gossiping” about Judi Dench (“She’s not here, she’s having ‘knee surgery’... on her eyes...”) and “quickly” turns around to introduce Jaden Smith and Abigail Breslin. After some pained banter, in which Jaden screws up and reads the prompt for the next award (and Will Smith is shown roffling in the audience), Best Animated Short: Little Matchgirl? Little Matchgirl? Aww, “The Danish Poet,” my first biff. Jaden: “So now we’re here to present...” Best Live Action Short: I don’t know, but “West Bank Story” looks hilarious. Yay! It wins! I very nearly chose it for my prediction, too. Winner Ari Sandel is breathless, possibly because he is gathering up oxygen for a mile-a-minute speech. Also, I think I just finally realized that the big bald guy they keep cutting to is Jack Nicholson. And I think I was right about it being Gwyneth Paltrow in the peach dress.

Here’s Clint Eastwood talking over clips of Letters from Iwo Jima. If this is going to take the place of the stodgy “And now we present a clip from Best Picture nominee...” feature, I heartily approve.

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