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This thing you call love, she smiles way too much

Help me stay awake, y'all. I've got to update the Digest tonight, to get back into the habit of doing it nightly so that each update is quicker and lighter. I took a catnap, toasted myself a couple of chocolate chip Pop Tarts, and I'm here for the haul.

(Okay, maybe the glass of milk wasn't such a good idea.)

Oh, and Commission Junction has booted me. I tried to get into my account to get advertising graphics, and they're sorry, but my account appears to have been deactivated. For a moment I was livid about what little money they did owe me, and then I realized--they have this system where they dock your commission each month that you don't make a certain amount (or any). Once you go into the red, you're out. That's probably what happened to me. So, fine. I signed up for a Sideshow Toy account--you know, the people who make those awesome Sideshow/Weta LOTR collectibles--and I already have accounts with Amazon, AllPosters, NetFlix, and Entertainment Earth. Most everyone gives 10% commission or more, and no one closes your account if you don't bring in enough. (And I know this because I bring 200-500 hits into AllPosters even when I don't update, and STILL none of their posters ever sell. That says to me that it's something they're doing wrong, doesn't it? I mean, I bring them warm bodies. Maybe they need to lower their prices...)

Speaking of the site, something odd happened today: I got a new Oscar pool ballot. Yes, dated March 3. And almost all of the predictions were wrong, so it's not like it was someone trying to cheat. This baffles me.

Question, while I'm thinking about it: I'm trying to catch up on some books being turned into movies. Is Eragon any good? Artemis Fowl?

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