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Oscar blog part 4

Yeah, I told you I had a bunch of avatars in formal dress.

Ellen apologizes for making it sound like Penelope Cruz is Mexican, rather than Spanish, and for insinuating that Dame Judi was having her eyes done (“It’s actually her boobs”). And here is the Elements and Motion Choir, which is a totally awesome idea: we seem them provide all the sound for scenes from Jaws, Psycho, Ben-Hur, and so on. The plane propeller effects are particularly good.

Aww, here’s Steve Carell and Greg Kinnear. “Sound editing is very much like sex,” Carell announces grimly. “It’s usually done alone, at night, and in the presence of electronics.” And in the middle of Kinnear saying, “I think these guys have a pretty good sense of humor,” the sound goes out. Well played, banter writers! And it goes to Iwo Jima. See, this is why I predicted that instead of the movie I wanted to win. No, I’m not bitter. Seriously, I’m not, because it’s way too early in the evening to be bitter.

Aww, yay, it’s James McAvoy and Jessica Biel. I am still not impressed by her dress, but then, she has yet to show off her most famous asset. (No, I am not going for the cheap joke there.) Between the sporadic facial hair and the accent, Dr. Tumnus is still adorable. They’re here with Best Sound Mixing, which goes to Dreamgirls, no surprise. The third winner of the sound mixers is out of luck and does not get to speech. Woe.

Rachel Weisz! She so pretty. Oh dear, this sounds like Supporting Actor. Okay, the line about how "Mark Wahlberg had to play the kind of Boston cop who, in his own youth, arrested him twenty-five times" is a winner. They show the three seconds of dialogue in which is he not cursing a blue streak. ALAN ARKIN, OH SHIT. Well, there go several hundred Oscar pools. I mean, I love Arkin, but--poor Eddie Murphy. ("Arkin was nearly rejected for the role because they thought he was 'too virile.' He said it was the best rejection he ever got.")

I'm getting really, really worried about Best Picture, now. Does that sound weird, that I love the movie and I don't want it to win?

Ellen is wandering around talking to people, "Oh, look, it's a play I wrote, right here! It's a cross between GoodFellas and Big Momma's House," she tells Martin Scorsese.

So... our dancers are back, and they really are going to interpret. Heeeee, they make really, really good penguins for Happy Feet. Next up: a "special presentation" from Leonardo DiCaprio and "a distinguished guest."

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