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Oscar blog part 10

My hands are okay, but my back is starting to hurt.

(Melissa Etheridge, y’all!)

Steve Carell explains Little Miss Sunshine (“The car is a character... No offense, but man, am I glad they’ve improved their product line”).

Will Smith, here with the deep thought that the thread you will find in common with all American films is that... there is none. P.S. Here’s a montage from Michael Mann. Bonus points for juxtapositioning a KKK scene from O Brother Where Art Thou? with Malcolm X. And then, from Talladega Nights: “Dear Lord Baby Jesus...” Bonus bonus points for using Blade Runner and Dr. Strangelove. Negative minus points for using a clip of Crazy Tom Cruise from Magnolia. I mean, just on principle.

Here’s Kate Winslet with Best Editing. This is another strong category where even I have a hard time playing favorites; I like how they show three sets of single-camera footage at the top and then the finished cut below. And Thelma Schoonmaker wins for The Departed, which I have a hard time complaining about because she is awesome. Apparently she’s won three Oscars for Scorsese films? That is cold. They must actually hate him, y’all.

Here’s Jodie Foster in another one of those Grecian-draping gowns. And it’s breaking my heart, but her nose is really starting to look whittled down. She says, choked up, that she lost her best friend Randy Stone two weeks ago, and thus we enter the Annual Death March of Deathly Death. (I don’t mean to sound flippant--that’s what I call it every year.) Among the listed: Don Knotts, Red Buttons, Darren McGavin, Sven Nykvist, Joe Barbera, Tamara Dobson, June Allyson, Gordon Parks, Philippe Noiret, Maureen Stapleton, James Doohan, Shohei Imamura, Peter Boyle, Sidney Sheldon, Jack Palance, Mako, Jack Warden, and Robert Altman.

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