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I really need to get it through my head that milk is not helpful when you're trying to stay up and work.

Woo! Three nights of Digest updates in a row!

Last night I was up until 4 am--it wasn't even intentional; I looked at the clock and it said 1:15, and the next time I looked it was 3:55. What happened was, I got sucked into this make-your-own glossary site from eclectica's weblog. People seem to be using it to define things particular to their journals, but it occurred to me--this would be a great, quick, versatile tool to redo the "Cast of Characters" page for Black Ribbon. (And people have told me it's very useful, as you're hit with about a dozen new characters in the chapter 2 ball alone.) I'm going to add locations and miscellaneous terms/items of interest (datura, fantan, Scottische, and so on). So basically, I was up until four am gleefully creating a Black Ribbon glossary. A lot of things aren't fully described or cross-referenced yet, but the terms are there. In fact, there are at least a couple from future chapters that could technically be considered spoilers...

I'm going to bed before I get sucked into this again.

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