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Wednesday evening, a little cranky

Not the best day; my smacking hand is starting to itch a little.

All right, a gallery of Tudors pics I gaffled (with permission) from the marketing folks who contacted me. (Full disclosure: All they asked me to do was post about it and they'd send me "a Showtime prize pack," whatever that is. I posted about the show months before I heard from them, mostly because 2007 is apparently going to be the year of Tudormania [The Tudors! The Other Boleyn Girl! The Elizabeth sequel!] and that is peachy keen by me; this is now my third post since I've talked to them. Which is simply to say, as with The Illusionist: I'm posting out of my own interest.) In particular:

1. Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Henry VIII. I know, I know), Maria Doyle Kennedy (Katherine) and Sam Neill (Wolsey).
2. Jeremy Northam (Jeremy Northam! I forgot you were in this! Hi, Jeremy Northam!) (Thomas More).
3. JRM and--I'm not sure who. Gabrielle Anwar (Princess Margaret)? Perdita Weeks (Mary Boleyn)? Your guess is as good as, if not better than, mine. And it is Gabrielle Anwar. I told y'all your guess would be better.
4. Natalie Dormer (Anne Boleyn).

If you watched the behind-the-scenes/interviewy thing I posted last week, you might have noticed that the premise of the show seems to be that Henry VIII was "the original rock star." So accuracy may not be the top priority here. I almost hope they go full-out with modern music and be done with it--go hard or go home, that kind of thing.

Also, Henry Cavill and James Frain are in there somewhere, according to the IMDB.

Oscar gossip slows to a trickle:

Andre Leon Talley bullied Jennifer Hudson into wearing the Lamé Death Bolero: "Hudson told TODAY's Matt Lauer that her outfit was her only Oscar regret. The New York Post claims that Vogue editor Andre Leon Talley 'insisted' she wear it and 'went ballistic' when she tried to substitute something else. Talley was also doing ABC's pre-show fashion coverage -- are we shocked that he loved Hudson's ensemble?"

Babel writing-directing duo feud. "The chasm grows even wider between the filmmaking duo who gained worldwide success with movies about the connections among disparate locations and characters — and people are taking sides. Director Alejandro González Iñárritu and screenwriter Guillermo Arriaga have accused each other of trying to steal the spotlight amid the success of their latest film, Babel. Now Iñárritu and other Babel collaborators, including actors Gael Garcia Bernal and Adriana Barraza and composer Gustavo Santaolalla, have signed a letter criticizing Arriaga for 'claiming media attention.' 'It's a shame that in your unjustified obsession to claim sole responsibility for the film, you seem not to recognize that movies are an art of deep collaboration,' said the letter, published in the latest edition of Mexico's Chilanga magazine, released Monday."

Oscar Sound Mixer Smackdown II: Team 'Apocalypto' Responds... vehemently.

Movie Academy Yanks Oscar Clips From YouTube.


Thieves nab $66M Picasso paintings.

Principal charged with dealing crystal meth.

Voice of Keebler elf dead at 81.

Antioxidants don't help you live longer.

Prince Charles says ban McDonald's food. "Prince Charles suggested Tuesday on a visit to the United Arab Emirates that banning McDonald's fast food was crucial for improving people's diets, a British news agency reported.... A McDonald's spokesman, Nick Hindle, called the remark disappointing. He said other members of the royal family 'have probably got a more up-to-date picture of us,' alluding to reports that Charles' son, Prince Harry, was spotted eating a chicken burger at McDonald's in 2005." Does he mean a chicken sandwich, or an actual burger made of chicken? Because this I haven't seen.

Ice cream as fertility aid? Experts not melting.

AP refuses to cover Paris Hilton, barring any "major, major news"; AP Ban On Paris Hilton Coverage Lasts Days.

morganwolf: "I know you (and many others) love baby animals, so I figured I'd pass on this adorable picture I saw in Newsday. It's a Sumatran tiger cub and a 5-month old orangutan, both residents at an Indonesian zoo, who were both abandoned by their mothers. I found an article here on Newsday's website, but sadly cannot find the original picture with caption-- my version is one I scanned in myself." Indeed, abandoned tiger, orangutan babies become buds.

evilbearhunter: "Cleo, check out this ebay page for linkspamming. Signed teddy bears for BC Women's Hospital and Healthcare Foundation -- Jensen Ackles! Jared Paladecki! Jewel Staite! Some other people! I got the link from"

la_sonnambula: "This is complementary to the article on incest you posted the other day. Currently, there is a pair of siblings in Germany who grew up apart and are now a couple who are trying to overturn the Incest Law in Germany. The article talks about GSA-Genetic Sexual Attraction, where blood relatives who have been separated for a while become attracted to each other when they are reunited."

The Least Anticipated Films of 2007? Good God, there's a Rush Hour 3 on the way?

‘Grey's Anatomy’ stars fuming over spinoff.

D’Onofrio leaving Criminal Intent?

Arkin, Carell Get Smart.

Danny Boyle's Sunshine moved to autumn.

Dimension Remaking Cronenberg's Scanners.

Michelle Monaghan and Patrick Dempsey sign on for Made of Honor.

Mystery Novel Strange but True to be Adapted.

Spider-Man 3 Sneak Peek on March 5th episode of Heroes.

Live Free or Die Hard, or Die Hard 4.0, or whatever poster.

Radcliffe Told To Only Sign 'Equus' Merchandise. I understand they don't want four-hour lines of Harry Potter fans with books under their arms, but... there's Equus merchandise? Did Toy Biz put out a 6" Alan Strang figure (with Horse-Blinding Action!) while I wasn't looking? I know they're probably talking about official programs or... something... but even the idea of a simple t-shirt is kind of boggling to me. "I Flew Out from Des Moines and All I Got Was This Stupid T-Shirt and Potterwang."

And finally, down here because I want to make sure you read it: The (Failed, Thankfully) Overthrow of the Library Pornographers. My smacking hand is itching a lot now. Although I really want to start a band called, like, Little Dorrit and the Library Pornographers now. HOW Y'ALL FEEEEEL?

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