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Someone in previous comments brought up the idea of doing some kind of podcast, but I have no idea what I'd say; I don't think I've ever even listened to a podcast before. But I actually like doing readings and recordings and things, so it's an interesting idea. Thoughts?


Before we get started, a quick note: I appreciate anything you feel is interesting enough to pass on, but--don't feel like you have to do the work for me. I have a ton of feeds on Google Reader, including CNN, USAToday, Defamer and Gawker, Yahoo! Picks, Snopes, Entertainment Weekly and a number of blogs and movie news sites; it's really easy to cherry-pick the best items. And you can imagine the number of stories I don't use. Obviously if you find something really interesting off the beaten track, I want to know about it, but... I'm just saying, I've got most of it under control.

Tornadoes rip through Ala., killing 18; Tornado survivor: School 'was complete chaos.' Enterprise got hit really hard, and several people died at the high school. Birmingham wasn't even touched--we had a rain/strong wind combo and my internet went out for a few hours--so we were very fortunate.

'Barbie Bandits' nabbed, police say.

Salmonella found at peanut butter plant.

Greek archaeologists find Hera statue.

Girl's 5 weeks of hiccups finally end.

confusedmuchly: Boy Dies of Toothache.

levi: "I don't know if this is something your masses would rally behind, but it's a city official who is facing being fired because he is transitioning from male to female. Not because (s)he is bad at what (s)he does, in fact (s)he seems to be really good at his job, but because (s)he is transitioning."

newsong: "Some guy killed himself by driving while operating his laptop. And we thought cell phones were a problem."

roseredhoofbeat: "This is a website dedicated to [seeking justice for] the torture and death of a three-month old puppy. I won't go into graphic detail, but the website does, so please be careful, anyone who goes to it. You can send an email to the judge asking him to stick to his original sentence of ten years in prison and ten years probation. PLEASE post this with your next linkspam." ETA: I took one for the team and found the actual page where you can get involved, no torture necessary.

morganwolf: "Loved the article on the hippo and tortoise. I passed it on in my own journal, and jokingly told my artist friend dino_rider to draw a picture of a hippo and tortoise being friends. He obliged, and I just had to share it. He is awesome." Okay, I lol'd.

Radio station: We sprang Bobby Brown from jail. "Bobby Brown was freed after spending three nights in the Norfolk County jail when a radio station paid the $19,150 the singer owed in late child support and court fees, the station said Thursday."

The Associated Press tries to explain what the Paris Hilton blackout was about.

Snagged from jolie laide: Not content with ruining his own life, Pete Doherty moves on to penguins.

The Geico caveman was invited to an Oscar party... in full makeup. Not coincidentally, Geico's Cavemen Bound For ABC Series.

"Zodiac is Fincher's most mature and coherent picture."

New stills: Spider-Man 3, Becoming Jane (oh, James McAvoy, you so pretty), Fracture (with Ryan Gosling, Rosamund Pike, Anthony Hopkins and David Strathairn--why have I never heard of this before?), Jindabyne (Gabriel Byrne and Laura Linney), Reign Over Me (hey, Liv Tyler is also in this?), the aforementioned Zodiac, Hairspray (oh sweet God: the images I now can't unsee), Perfect Stranger (Bruce Willis and Halle Berry), Transformers (note: no actual Transformers pictured. Also, Dane Cook is somehow in this), and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (or "TMNT," as the commercial trailer announcer always intones so seriously).

New Spidey Poster/Trailer News.

Galactus Confirmed for Fantastic Four 2.

Rumors Fly About Plot Of Star Trek XI.

One of the first seven new South Parks will be a 24 parody. I'm not sure if my mother really needs to know about this, or... really, really not.

French film award leaves Jude Law 'speechless.'

L.A. Confidential: The Sequel?

Daniel Radcliffe Signs For Harry Potter Six and Seven. Yes, he'll probably be about 22 by the time the last movie comes out. If the Beverly Hills 90210 kids can all be in their frickin' thirties, I'm thinking we can allow a seventeen-year-old character a little actorly age inflation.

Pirates MMO clarification: I mentioned a "Pirates of the Burning Sea" multiplayer game yesterday--I don't think I actually said this, but I was blithely assuming it was the Disney game. After some discussion in the entry comments, I realized: Disney wasn't mentioned anywhere in the article, nor was the phrase "of the Caribbean," and the URL was entirely different from the Disney site URL for the other game. Even at the time I saw the new article I thought, "The Burning Sea? The POTC people can't think of anything better than that, when they've got Dead Man's Chest and At World's End? " What I'm saying is, there are actually going to be two pirate-themed MMOs on the interwebs at the same time (this summer). You see why my brain developed a glitch while trying to process this concept.

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