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So, uh. My mother's fallen in love with two terrier mix puppies and she's bringing them home. Now. AND she got Sister Girl and my stepfather to agree to it. This is kind of momentous, not the least because 1) I'm not sure I'm ready for new dog(s) yet and 2) I will now be the Daytime Dogsitter for not two but four animals, and right when I was applying for jobs, too. ETA: It should be noted that I absolutely love dogs, so that's not a problem per se. She's home now; the boy may come later. More on this in a bit.

Linkspam while waiting for eight-week-old puppies:

Ohio baseball team's bus crashes; 6 dead. "A charter bus carrying a college baseball team from Ohio plunged off a highway ramp early Friday and slammed into the pavement below, killing six people, injuring 29 and scattering sports equipment across the road, authorities said. The bus, carrying the team from the close-knit, Mennonite-affiliated Bluffton University, toppled off the Northside Drive bridge onto a pickup truck on Interstate 75 shortly before dawn, police spokesman Joe Cobb said. 'It looked to me like a big slab of concrete falling down,' said truck driver Danny Lloyd, 57, of Frostburg, Md. 'I didn't recognize it was a bus. I think when I saw the thing coming, I think I closed my eyes and stepped on the gas.' "

Huge 'Ocean' Discovered Inside Earth.

Blackbeard's ship? Archaeological booty says aye.

Cops make MySpace page in heist probe.

Expert in spy poisoning case shot: "FBI agents are assisting police investigating the shooting of a Russian expert — a man who spoke out on "Dateline NBC" last weekend and strongly suggested that remnants of the KGB were responsible for the bizarre poisoning death of Alexander Litvinenko."

Army secretary quits in wake of hospital scandal.

Cadet caught up in Academy cheating scandal withdraws.

Stolen Rockwell found in Spielberg collection.

Darth Vader Commits Armed Robbery In North Carolina.

Actress Liz Hurley 'marries in secret.'

Warner Bros. Developing Valerie Plame Film.

Jolie Interested in Real-Life Child Abduction Story. Meanwhile, Jolie To Adopt for Third Time.

Halle Berry Will Star In Tulia: "Essentially a courtroom drama, Tulia is based on real-life events surrounding the arrests of 46 black men during a Texas drug bust -- a sting operation where, in the end, no money, drugs or illegal weapons were found. However, the men were convicted solely on the testimony of one crooked cop."

Houdini biopic? It does not, as of this writing, seem to be based on the biography I read over Christmas--what was the name, Houdini: America's First Superhero? Something along that line; very interesting.

Terrence Howard on Iron Man.

Richard Dreyfuss will join Zooey Deschanel and Alan Cumming in the cast of SCI FI Channel's upcoming miniseries Tin Man, "a re-imagined fantasy take on Frank Baum's book The Wizard of Oz, Variety reported."

Tobey Maguire: It's Time For The Spiderman Team To "Break Up."

IGN Exclusive Poster: Fracture.

Watch 300 Seconds of 300.

The Ten Best Box Office Performances of 2006: "These are the movies that impressed the most based on contextual factors, such as genre, marketing and expectations. This is not a list of the highest grossing movies, which is why such titles as Cars, X-Men: The Last Stand, The Da Vinci Code and Superman Returns are omitted—while popular, they weren't exceptional compared to their anticipated ranges." Box Office Mojo's #1? The Illusionist ("This romantic mystery was the sleeper of the year. Its nearly $40 million gross may not have entranced the box office but it was about $39 million more than forecasted").

Enter Disturbia: "The full website for Disturbia has now launched at At the site, you can explore the nooks and cranny's of Kale Brecht's (Shia LaBeouf) bedroom to discover the mysteries of Disturbia. While you're there, be sure to share your neighborhood's enigmas in 'Dark Secrets' and see what your neighbors are hiding in 'Disturbia Suburbia.' "

If you've ever wanted to hear Tom Servo say "Look, fuck you, okay?," this is the MST3K clip for you. ("What's that, Shitty?") ("Owner of a ferret leash..." "Homer of the Iliad... much better than the... Homer of the Odyssey...") ("Fucking squeak.")

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