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Oh my God, I am so tired. Today was my first day alone with Shelby, and I spent it downstairs with her from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. I had Sister Girl with me for the afternoon, but she had to sleep for class that night--she comes home and sleeps between classes and/or work shifts, and given that she gets up at four in the morning most days, I don't blame her. So basically, I was the one in charge of the food and the poo and the breaking up of dogfights. And Meko was so interested in what was going on--and remember, she can't just sit on her blanket and watch, since she's blind--that she kept following Shelby around to "see" what was up, which meant that 1) she slept a lot less than usual and, in consequence 2) she peed a lot more. And we're housebreaking Shelby, obviously, so there was a lot of racing with dripping puppy to newspaper or front door.

Shelby herself is getting friskier by the day; yesterday we took her to see my grandmother, who was delighted, and Shelby spent an hour romping around her kitchen. There's a lot of romping, generally speaking, followed by a lot of napping, which is somewhat hilarious as Shelby can turn from romp to nap on a dime. There's still a lot of crying at night--we're crate-training her, which is to say that she has a very large, spacious metal cage that used to be Lucky's, and she sleeps there at night. Once she figures out that This Is What We Do at Night, and that Night doesn't last Forever, I think she'll be okay. She can stay in the crate for a few hours at a time if no one can watch her during the day; half the crate is beach towel for her to sleep on, and the other half is newspaper, and there's a water bowl as well. This is how we trained Lucky--my mother would come home from work at lunch to let him out for an hour, and then when Sister Girl came home from school, she'd let him out for good, and meanwhile he'd learn not to just pee wherever he felt like it. But of course, if I'm home anyway, I can either keep Shelby out the whole day or I can listen to her cry. I think you and I both know how that's going to work out, which means that I am now in charge of a three-dog circus. Events at the circus:

1) Wandering into the shower
2) Getting a resultant bath
3) Face chewing ("OW SHELBY NO THAT'S MY CHEEK OW")
4) Hiccups (two cases)
5) Sneezing
6) Romping
7) Napping
8) Pomeranian barking
9) Pomeranian peeing
10) Mopping
11) Pooping (only outside, which is an improvement)
12) Falling over in protest because we do not like the leash ("Oh, cry me a river, Norma Rae")
13) Running across the yard and falling down
14) One viewing of The Prestige
15) Five minutes of griping that the DVD extras suck
16) Fifteen minutes of boggling at Hugh Jackman's assertion that there were more Spiritualists than Christians in the nineteenth-century United States
17) Napping
18) Chewing on Pomeranians ("Okay, look, that tail is attached to someone")
19) Two episodes of Law and Order
20) Falling off the couch (three times)
21) Tennis ball chasing
22) Rope chewing
23) Two small feedings
24) One small vomiting
25) Note to self: only one small feeding tomorrow
27) Snoring

I have linkspam starred in my Google Reader, but... I'm tired.

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