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So tired. Last night Shelby started throwing up and then couldn't stop, and we were all running around in terror ("OH MY GOD SHE HAS THE PARVO!!" ) and my mother stayed up all night with her. We got her to the vet when they first opened and found out that... it wasn't parvo. It was just some random little stomach bug, and the vet gave her some medicine and told us to give her Gatorade, water, and no food. (Trufax: Dogs do not like citrus flavors, even Gatorade "citrus" flavors. Shelby would drink the orange Gatorade we had on hand if we eyedroppered it into her mouth, but if we put her in front of the dish, she'd put her head down and curl up around it as if to say, "Sweet water, why hast thou forsaken me? I will wait here until you return! [paw to forehead]," whereas grape Gatorade [on a tip from Diego Zanzibar at Snarkfest] was a huge hit this evening. [According to Diego, cherry would have worked as well.] More trufax: apparently real grapes and raisins--as opposed to "grape" Gatorade--are potentially fatal to dogs. Just so you know.) And my mother was also able to check on Scout through a window, and apparently he's doing a lot better and will be able to come home this weekend.

Today was therefore pretty quiet because Shelby was too sick to do much but sleep, which meant that in turn Meko settled down and did some napping herself, and Sam stayed outside on the deck, basking in the breeze and watching the yard. It was a lot less hectic than yesterday, granted, but I only got an hour's break at noon to wash my hair and check my email, and then it was back to dogwatching and eyedroppering and racing with drippy puppy to the yard, and then no one was able to take over for me until six o'clock, which meant that I was on dogsitting duty for about ten or eleven hours. I listened to the commentary on The Illusionist (at least The Illusionist HAS ONE, PRESTIGE), read an Entertainment Weekly, watched a couple of hours of Spongebob, mopped the kitchen floor and did a load of laundry, the latter necessitated by the fact that I sat down on a mysterious, invisible wet patch in the carpet. This was my day.

I thought tomorrow might be better, since Sister Girl would be getting off work at one (as usual) but wouldn't have a night class for a change and could just take over the dogwatching shift, but it turns out that she may have to go to the doctor because her tongue is (and has been for about a week) covered in weird bumps. I don't know, y'all.

Linkspam, before I get buried by a backlog. It's a bit quantity over quality, but I'm thisclose to falling down into a coma where I stand, so...

Libby found guilty in CIA leak trial.

Coulter under fire for anti-gay slur; Ann Coulter's Web site to lose ads.

Mother-in-law: pilot called before crash; police think dad meant to crash plane.

Police: Mutilation suspect gave 'horrific' confession. Dude, he's even got the Crazy Eyes in the accompanying photo!

Swiftness of Dow drop due to computer glitch; the big bet that could melt Wall Street.

Cops: Man told tot to stab mom: "Police say a man repeatedly stabbed his teenage wife, then gave the knife to his toddler son and told him: 'Now you stab Mommy.' " There are so many things wrong with this sentence that I don't even know where to begin.

Russian journalist worked on weapons story: "A journalist who fell to his death from a fifth-story window had received threats while gathering material for a report claiming Russia planned to provide sophisticated weapons to Syria and Iran, his newspaper said Tuesday." Russian espionage: Not what it used to be.

Mom: Giggling bandits 'girls that made bad choice.'

Steamy e-mails shed light on astronaut's behavior.

Missing: a huge chunk of the earth's crust.

Canadian mountain town mulls bunny crackdown.

Dogs stolen at gunpoint recovered.

3 rare lions killed in India sanctuary.

Charging moose brings down hovering helicopter.

Right-Wing Hero Has Porn Past, Claim Gays. I keep wanting to change the headline to read "the gays." It just seems to have that kind of tone.

Mindreading scientists predict behavior.

Teenager leaves "deposit" in bank.

Premiere Takes Final Bow, will exist only in an online capacity now.

After attempting to choke Frodo, Jared Leto Finally Has Face Broken.

Hurley's wedding fest begins in India.

Hudson and Wilson Go Public with Relationship.

Fiennes Caught in 'Pool Romp.'

Kidman Set for 'Nip/Tuck' Cameo.

Sienna Miller: 'Drugs Are Fun.' She also expresses a preference for magic mushrooms. I'm starting to believe her claim that the Shitsburgh Incident was due to a mild case of Tourette's, honestly.

Nation On Edge As Jake Gyllenhaal Wracked By Underwear Indecision.

Film costumes auctioned in London.

WonderCon 07: Watchmen Start Date; Snyder: 300's Butler In Line For Watchmen.

Scorsese and Wahlberg To Stroll Boardwalk; G.I. Joe Movie Planned with Wahlberg?

Dark Begins Rising.

McAvoy Denies Trek XI.

Yes, Summer Glau Is Going To Be a Terminator.

Producer Wants Daniel Craig or Heath Ledger For 'Paradise Lost.'

Rome’s Titus Pullo Lands Lead in CBS Living Dead Pilot. Say what? "Ray Stevenson, who portrays the brutal yet good-natured Titus Pullo on Rome, will play a small-town detective in CBS’ zombie dramedy pilot Babylon Fields. It was announced late last week that Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia) had been cast in the same pilot." Aww, I love Ray Stevenson. You may also remember him as the guy that kid loved like whoa.

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