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Pupdate 2: The Puppening

Oh my God, I am so tired. (Yes, I am going to begin every entry with "I am so tired" until I stop being tired.) We now have two puppies, for a total of four dogs and one Bad Cat, and I ended up not getting today off from Witchfinder Dogsitter General duty. (Mulch this, okay?) Fortunately, Shelby (who spent most of the week pitifully thin with a stomach bug) and Scout (who somehow managed to emerge fat and sassy from parvo quarantine at the vet) immediately fell to wrestling. Shelby is the Sunny Baudelaire of puppies, to the point where she will actually bite the air if she can't find anything else, and while Scout is more of a licker than a biter, they both enjoy chewing on each other's faces. Sam and Meko, meanwhile, were getting baths at the vet and were somewhat nonplussed to come home and find that Shelby had doubled. Sam, in fact, was getting a little stressed out--he actually had little seizures the summer we had the deck rebuilt, because his pomeranian nerves couldn't handle the noise--but once I was released from duty, he got to go upstairs with me to the Fortress of Solitude with the working AC and the absence of puppies.

Which is also to say that our air conditioner downstairs is broken, and it was over 70 degrees this afternoon. I was trying to hold on to winter in hopes that we'd get another cold snap, but, sorry to say, I think spring has officially sprung--the buttercups are in the front yard and the bumblebees are in the back. I mean, that's great for puppies, but not so great for someone whose wardrobe is mostly long-sleeved at this point.

That said, I'm almost in the mood for spring because Thursday and Friday's Morning DVD Commentary was POTC2--no, I still hadn't watched the extras after three months--and after umpteen hours of watching fluorescent turquoise water and sugarbowl beaches, I was kind of ready for a trip to the beach myself. I have a feeling that most readers around here haven't bothered to listen to the only writers' commentary (which you really should), else y'all would have immediately run and told me that they 1) confirm the Tia Dalma Theory and 2) mention that the production finally built an entire free-standing Black Pearl. Where did they build it? Alabama, the center of the universe, of course.

After a week of trying to acclimate to constant puppysitting (and getting the three DVDs I wanted to watch out of the way), I'm thinking of what I want to do with my mornings as this settles into a routine. Which is to say, I've already decided, and don't want to jinx it by actually saying it out loud--I'm worried enough about actually following through and being productive as it is. Also, I've been online for all of half an hour today and I've already managed to make an ass of myself twice, so I think I'm calling it a night just now.

Gonzales, Mueller admit FBI broke law.

Peanut butter recall widens for salmonella link.

Houston teachers asked to return bonuses.

American novelist becomes French citizen.

Breaking: Winona Ryder Almost Certainly Still Alive After Hoax Suicide Report.

Salma Engaged & Expecting.

Sigourney Weaver to play Gypsy Rose Lee?

New Orleans the Site of New Disney Film The Frog Princess--and people are already up in arms about... well, a lot of things.

My Little Pony... live.

The fandom exam ("Support your argument by using at least two sockpuppets").

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