Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Tuesday evening, eyes puffy from--allergies?

Today was eventful, in a domestic kind of way. Number one, I actually got some work done, although it was preliminary kind of stuff--printing out old notes and half-drafts, rereading and annotating, setting up a new binder for [project I'm being intentionally vague about for fear of jinxing it], etc. Meanwhile, the puppies learned to climb up the front steps by themselves and how to body-slam each other; at one point Shelby actually flipped Scout over like a turtle. And then, after George came home, Scout jumped Sam, and just when Sam had fended that attack off, Shelby pounced from behind. The puppies have learned how to tag-team, y'all.

And yes, I do have pictures, but only on my camera phone, and I can't get the phone to send them to my email. Woe, because I have pictures of all five (!) pets now.

Since we were discussing it the other day: The difference between the "hard R" and "soft R." Or my understanding of the difference, anyway.

Woman charged in deadly Chicago fires.

Halliburton to open new HQ in Dubai.

Poll finds Giuliani the favorite in GOP race.

Cheney challenges 'anti-war' lawmakers.

TV Critics Agree: Couric's Newscast Is In Trouble.

Nevada Democrats Boycott Fox News.

Documentary questions Moore's tactics.

'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' To Rip Anna Nicole From Nearest Headline, with Kristy Swanson as the faux Anna Nicole.

Time Magazine on Harry Potter, the Movement.

'Borat' DVD selling nicely in Kazakhstan.

Bond Girl Rumors Begin Anew.

Evil Dead: The Musical Coming To Your Home.

Cowabunga Dude! 55 TMNT Photos! I provide this link as a service to y'all, as I am immune from the charms of the Turtles.

New Posters for The Golden Compass, The Bourne Ultimatum, Liv Tyler's Horror Film, and More.

New POTC3 pics! The most awesome Elizabeth outfit ever! Exclamation point!! (Actually, it's verging a bit on Queen Amidala. Bonus. ["Bitch, please. I was queen of Naboo for a day, I can take your candy ass."] And yes, I made the icon myself. God help us all, I've figured out how to use brushes in Photoshop.)

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