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Sunday morning; someone ate my damn muffins

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you: the POTC3 trailer, a full day early. Yes, it's dubbed into Russian. We can't have everything, now, can we? I do know that--the part where the monkey raises his hand? Jack's line immediately preceding is, "Didn't anyone save me just because they missed me?" Also, if you look very closely near the end, you will actually see what I think is Jack all barnacled up like the rest of Jones' crew (awww). For my money, though, the squee moment was the Jack-Davy duel. On the mast.

Also: More POTC3 pics.

Veronica Mars canceled? Or not, according to show creator Rob Thomas? Or really canceled, according to Tina Majorino's reps?

Grand jury indicts 3 in NYPD shooting.

Pet deaths prompt recall of pet food. "Menu Foods did not immediately provide a full list of brand names and lot numbers covered by the recall, saying they would be posted on its Web site — — early Saturday. Consumers with questions can call (866) 463-6738." What warms my heart is you can find a full list at I Can Has Cheezburger.

'Black Widows' to stand trial for murder of homeless men.

His energy bill is $0.00.

Alaska town is giving away land.

From Yahoo Picks: Mac PC Spoofs. "But in these scenarios, PC wears sharply tailored suits and has a hot blonde girl friend. Mac shows up late, looking groggy from working all night on a web site for his cat."

Wikipedia falsely reports Sinbad's death.

Carol Burnett sues TV's "Family Guy" cartoon.

Emmy Reforms To Require More Than Fourteen Seconds Of Screentime For Awards Consideration: "A stunning reform movement sweeps the Academy of TV Arts & Sciences! Two new Emmy rules have been introduced: The Lost Rule, in which potential nominees must provide an up to 250 word essay describing what the hell their show is about to assist lazy Academy staffers in the nomination process, and The Ellen Burstyn Rule, requiring that actors must have appeared in at least 5 percent of a given program to be eligible for awards immortality." Okay, I thought they were kidding about the Lost thing. Turns out? They're not.

Becoming Jane pics.

Blanchett Joins Indy 4. Oh, DAMMIT. Now I have to see this! "With David Koepp's screenplay shrouded in secrecy, it is unclear what character Blanchett will play. But sources told the trade paper that the Oscar-winning actress has landed a starring role." Yeah, it better be.

Warner Bros. Reimagining Sherlock Holmes. I'm a huge Holmes fangirl--I discovered the stories in eighth grade--so... I'm just going to sit over here very quietly and hope for the best.

trailer_spot: Stardust, Ratatouille, Atonement, Sunshine. Meanwhile, Neil Gaiman: not entirely thrilled about the "trailer": "I just looked at it -- it's not an actual trailer, and it seems to be a bunch of shots cobbled together from unfinished CGI footage and has some Pirates of the Caribbean music on it, and I'm not sure who did it or for what, and it honestly isn't something I'd feel good about linking to and saying 'This is a Stardust Trailer'. So I won't. It should take you a second or two to find it with a google if you go looking for it. It's possible this might encourage Paramount to bring the real trailer out a week or two earlier than they were going to, but I believe the trailer will be out in the next three weeks anyway."

Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie doing Wuthering Heights what? Did I miss this one? Did I link about this and just forget? Because it's blowing my mind a little bit. Now, okay, I know y'all, and I know exactly what at least half of you are thinking: NO NO NO WRONG. I know, I know. But step back a moment, forget that they're American and probably too old, and just call a scene up into your mind--let's say, one after Heathcliff has come back home all scheming and bitter--and put Depp and Jolie into it. I'll wait here.

Yeah. I'm saying. It at least gives me the hope that whichever filmmakers realize that WH isn't a Great Love Story--it's a Great Hate Story of Completely Dysfunctional People, really, and you know neither one of them would get involved unless it had a serious dark edge to it.

For the win:

DEAR MARGO: I don't know if you've ever done this, but I was curious about your opinion of what another advice columnist wrote. The question came from a man whose fiancee was moving to his city. Since all his friends would become her friends, he was asking whether or not to make it known to his fiancee all the women he knows he has slept with. The columnist's suggestion was to gather all the women together with his intended and play a "game" in which he would ask them to guess what they think it is they all have in common. This would elicit numerous guesses, and then he would "reveal" the thing they had in common: him. Then he was pretty sure everyone would "chuckle." I was absolutely floored. What do you think of this advice?


DEAR BOWL: I think the columnist was a man.


moonfairyhime: "I have a favor to ask of you. In your next linkspam, could you please include a link to It's a poll on my livejournal for my LENG 112 class about fantasy, fantasy readers, and changes in fantasy."

padawansguide and I were looking at some stills from The Tudors, and she pointed out something that I was too dumb to pick up on: Jonathan Rhys Meyers' Henry VIII is surrounded by headless women. Hee.

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