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Sunday evening, detangled

Well, let's get my linkspam backlog out of the way, because tomorrow I actually get to leave the house. I'm getting a good bit of my hair cut off--I'm not sure how much, but at least a good few inches, and it's nearly to my elbows now. The sad part is, I really like my hair at this length; it's just so dry and damaged that I need to get some of it whacked off so it'll stop tangling so badly. When a hair-washing takes thirty minutes minimum, you have a problem. Fortunately, since my hair is curly, I just tell my stylist what length I want it and "make me look good," and she does, no frills or layers. Because, see... okay, I don't remember if I've ever confessed this publicly before, but the thing is, and this is a deep dark secret for me, I perm my hair. Shut up! You don't know! You haven't seen it! It's lank, fine, straight and limp in its natural state, and when I was fourteen and skinny, I could get away with it. Now that I've spent the last ten years wrestling with my weight, I need hair substantial enough to balance that out visually. I let Della blow it out straight a couple of years ago, and you know what? Straight hair doesn't look any better on me now than it used to. And Della? Della is a genius. Her perms are so good that I only have to have them twice a year, and they look fantastically natural. (Obviously I don't look like a TV star, but season one Felicity is the closest comparison I can think of right now, on a good day.) And lest you think I'm deluded on that last point, I've had crunchy poodle perms, and I know what they look like. Number one, I grew my bangs out to avoid the satellite-dish effect (we call them "Bessemer bangs" here in Birmingham). Number two, Della manages to do my hair so that a tight curl comes out looking like a soft, close ripple. People are uniformly shocked if/when I tell them the truth, and "people" includes women with actual curly hair themselves. I've been going to Della for at least ten years now, and if anything ever happens to her, I am so screwed. The problem now is just that my hair's grown out to the point where the bottom six inches have gone through way too many perms, and it's time for them to meet their maker. I'm going to have her do a softer wave this time since my hair will be shorter, and only cut it up to my shoulders, because taking all that weight off will probably cause it to look even shorter. And then I'll basically start growing it out all over again, but deep-condition the ends more frequently this time. And so basically, I've now revealed my dirty secret and y'all will now think of me as That Sad Sack Who Perms Her Hair, but at least you'll understand why it takes three hours to get my hair "done," as I've always euphemistically termed it, and why I'm always so relieved to have it done.

POTC3 trailer, the Engrish version. To be fair, it can't be easy translating "to de end o'de urt" into Russian and then back into English again. (Awwwww! "Will you marry me?" "It's not a good moment now!") ETA: Awww, Darth Junction strikes again--copies of the bootleg across the interwebs are going down. I wish I'd downloaded the Engrish one now like I did the hi-res. Also, if you can't wait for Monday evening, screen caps. ETA2: Download the high quality trailer here. Again, still in Russian.

President of Gambia says AIDS cure revealed to him in dream.

Winter has been world's warmest on record. You know, except for the parts where we were freezing to death. Ah, global warming.

DePauw Banishes Fattie-Hating Sorority. Hey, it's Gawker's wording, not mine.

Thrillist Endorses Most Douchey Product Ever. Specifically, nylon "tattoo" sleeves. Like... arm stockings. As I pointed out to Sister Girl... what if the guy has a lot of arm hair? I mean, guys being guys, a lot of them do. Is it just... matted underneath? Also, I believe the correct formation in the headline would be "douchiest," Gawker. Bring your A-game next time.

Secret of horror writer's lineage broken.

Breaking news: Baby polar bear is adorable.

A new batch of reader hatemail from Dooce. The picture of Chuck, by the way, is made of win. I don't think I realized how fortunate I am to not get bitchy reader mail until just now. Seriously, ever. Any bitchery I ever received was back when I had anonymous commenting enabled (example: the infamous [and nonsensical] "fag" comment), and nobody seems to bother bitching via email. I'd say that it's because on LJ, your asstastic comments are attached to your online identity, so you can't mouth off without people knowing it's you, or at least online "you," but people manage to be asshats every day on LJ. So I can't quite explain that. Maybe the Galadriel icon scares them?

Saint Patrick Drives the Snakes Out of Ireland ("I need to pee!" "Are we there yet?").

The Sith Rejects. Sadly, Darth Junction is not on the list.

Osama bin Laden Biopic In The Works. Oh dear.

Danny Boyle: A Script For 'Trainspotting 2' Has Been Written. I think I had a more positive response to the OBL biopic, actually.

Frank Miller: From Now On, I Direct My Own Stuff. Man, here's three headlines in a row where my mental reaction was, "Oh, this is going to end well."

‘300’ conquers box office again. Is anyone actually surprised? Also: We now complete Week 2 of not leaving the house due to puppage, so no, I haven't gotten to see it yet. (Related: 300 director enjoys egging on Gerard Butler's crazier fans. I keep imagining Snyder turning to the guy and saying, "Hey, man, can I have that coffee cup when you're done?")

All the King's Watchmen: Considered for Rorschach: "A slew of actors from Daniel Craig to Simon Pegg," and, most recently, recent Oscar nominee Jackie Earle Haley. As for Ozymandias? Apparently Jude Law has a Rorschach tattoo and wants the Ozymandias part, but Tom Cruise also wanted it at one point. As Alan Moore works go, I've only read League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and From Hell, so I have no idea who would be a good casting idea, but if I were Zack Snyder, I'd give it to Law on frickin' principle. Also, this still doesn't clarify who Gerard Butler "might" play, but he needs to jump on this rather than the Escape from New York (!) remake.

Rosario Dawson: Sin City 2 Begins Shooting This Summer. That said, it looks like the Ava Lord casting still isn't final.

Looks Like 'Bond 22' Will Indeed Be Direct Sequel to Casino Royale. Again: duh. I got the DVD today but haven't been able to watch it yet, so that's for tomorrow morning. (Casino Royale DVD Will Be Paltry -- Double O-Dip Coming, Obviously. Oh, now you tell me!)

Blu-ray to Replace DVDs by 2010? NO. NO, I REFUSE. The entertainment industry embarked on a huge (and hugely successful) campaign several years back to make sure that we all switched from video to DVD, particularly considering that laserdisc just didn't take hold. They made DVDs and DVD players extremely affordable, came up with the ability to skip around with the touch of a button, and added extra content that you can't get on videotapes (although a cassette I have of Bram Stoker's Dracula does have a 20-minute making-of featurette, you can imagine what a bitch it is to FF to the end if you want to watch that but not the movie). In short, DVD is to video what 3-D is to 2-D; they gave us multiple reasons to rebuy entire movie collections in a new format, and they made it affordable enough that we didn't feel the bite too badly. I can live with HD DVD taking over, because at least HD DVD is compatible with regular DVD players, as I understand it. Blu-ray? Isn't. And I'm sorry, but I'm NOT re-buying my entire movie collection all over again. I don't care how much you can fit on a single disc or how fantastic the quality is; I'm not seeing the same leap that we had from video to DVD. If you want to me to start buying my future DVD purchases in a new format that can be played on a DVD player, okay, we can talk. If you're trying to introduce an "alien" stand-alone format, well, I don't think you're going to see a lot of people taking the bait.

International Fantastic Four Posters; International Spider-Man 3 Poster. (Dunst: No Spidey 4 For Now.)

Premonition officially one of Rotten Tomatoes' 100 Worst-Reviewed Movies of All Time.

Sweeney Todd on Hold? Not for very long, I don't think--apparently they're on hiatus while Depp's young daughter recovers from whatever landed her in the hospital (news stories have been vague, although I've heard it was blood poisoning from a rusty nail).

Neil Burger (The Illusionist) to direct Dawn Treader?

LeBeouf Talks Constantine 2. Specifically, "Wow, I didn't think he would jump back on. Keanu went through a lot of s--t with that movie."

Speed Racer Cast? I went to grade school with a kid who looked exactly like Speed Racer. I thought you should know.

Theron, Farrell, Fiennes & Dafoe Fill The Hurt Locker.

Eastwood Directing Jolie in The Changeling.

G.I. Joe Movie Stupider Than Originally Thought.

Toy Story 3 Scheduled for 2010.

Wong Kar Wai to Shoot Love Story About Lesbian High-Schoolers.

Casting Bites: Brideshead, Ratatouille and Death Instinct.

Dreamworks Animation Going Three-Dimensional.

Shyamalan Resurfaces with Bollywood Financing.

Pornography Big Business on the Web; sky reportedly blue.

Jackie Chan: Ratner Doesn't Know Much About This Action-Directing Stuff ("Even though Brett doesn't know much about directing action, he does notice details that help us improve the scene. I appreciate his attentiveness when we shoot action scenes and his feedback"). It's a pity that action's pretty much all he directs, then, isn't it?

Emma Watson Not Quitting Role as Hermione Granger in Potter Films. Why wouldn't she want to continue? Well, here's an idea: " 'The man actually gatecrashed her school. She was very alarmed and worried.' The fan, in his 20s, was questioned and then warned off by detectives. He is said to be 'an admirer who was over-zealous' .... The star of all five Potter movies has said in the past that her celebrity status has been responsible for her not having a boyfriend."

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  • Ow

    As I just said on Twitter, I keep forgetting that chronic health issues are chronic and that I can't just wait them out. "Oh, I feel like shit…

  • This is simply to say

    that I am having a REALLY hard time concentrating, despite having an Outline of Update Posts to work from. (Refer to previous entry.) So I'm still…

  • 2016: Everything Happens So Much

    HELLO. The thing for me is that time flies really quickly. I look up and three months have passed; I look down and three more are gone. I did sort…