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Not a pirate ARRRGH, either

ARRRGH. Just for variety, I'm wrestling with my children's book again, and it's one of the toughest 2000 words I've ever written--and only because I can't get the ending to shake out. Texts in this genre tend to be really short--it's an artist's game, really; a writer just frames up the ideas--so whatever you're going to do, you have to do it in a tiny amount of space. You're not going to get a whole lot of psychological growth or anything, but at the end of the day, your story is generally about something. I mean, even Rotten Ralph is about a cat who runs away and realizes he misses his family. No matter how slight the story is, it's got a trajectory leading to somewhere, unless it's a book for readers so young that colors, numbers and letters are all the plot they need. And what I've been wrestling with is exactly what my story is leading up to. I have the physical ending--the boy finds the monster so he can ask the monster to give something back--but I can't figure out what the emotional ending is. Why does he need [something] back? There's a big difference between "I didn't need [something] for luck, I just needed to believe in myself" and "Dad trusted me with [something], and I proved myself by getting it back," if you see what I'm saying, and the latter is closer to what mine is turning out to be. But I'm also dealing with what the monster would want, and what kind of bargain would be most satisfying. The funny thing is that the first 1500 words were pretty effortless--this is the equivalent of a gymnast having to learn to stick the landing. It sounds like I'm overthinking it, I guess, but if I can come up with the right combination, it should look natural and obvious and easy.


Meanwhile, I need to type up my Casino Royale draft while I'm actually off dogsitting duty.


chris_walsh: "The people studying what caused the pet sickness know more now: they've found rat poison in the tainted pet food." More: Pet food probe eyes Chinese wheat; Is pet food properly regulated? I'm going to take a stab in the dark here and say "no."

U.N. official barred from Darfur refugee camp.

Jeb Bush denied honorary degree, made alumnus.

Woman found guilty of antifreeze murder. Remember this one?
A couple of weekends ago there was a Dateline about a woman in Atlanta (I think it was?) who poisoned both her husband/boyfriends with antifreeze, which, number one, excellent plot point; number two, it described how she courted them relentlessly (her former sister-in-law said that she thought the woman was in it for the thrill of the chase mostly), and gave the men nearly identical expensive gifts. She gave both of them expensive cowboy boots, for example. I loved that. I loved that she made the first husband moonlight at a convenience store so she'd have enough money to take her secret boyfriend to NASCAR races. I mean, I'm not pleased that bad things happened to real people, but I sat there thinking, "I could not make this up. I seriously could not. Thank you, crazy lady." The other thing I loved was the way the family of the first husband, a motorcycle cop, loathed the woman from day one, and when he turned up dead, the first thing every single person interviewed said was, "How'd she kill him?" And she still got away with it for years, and probably would have never been arrested had she not gone and poisoned her firefighter boyfriend. Yeah, the same one she took to the races.
Child's prescription drug overdose death raises questions. "Rebecca — who had been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity and bipolar disorder, or what used to be called manic depression — died Dec. 13 of an overdose of prescribed drugs, and her parents have been arrested on murder charges, accused of intentionally overmedicating their daughter to keep her quiet and out of their hair.... Later that night, [her uncle] told police, he heard someone struggling to breathe and found Rebecca gurgling as if something was stuck in her throat. McGonnell told police he wiped vomit from his niece's face, then kicked in the door to her parents' room and yelled at the Rileys to take Rebecca to the emergency room. Instead, Carolyn Riley said, she gave her daughter [another] half-tablet of Clonidine."

Update on the awful dog story from katesti: Man arrested for "terroristic threats," was creepily romantically interested in girl.

Food bank leftovers found in desert.

Study: Chocolate improves blood vessel function.

Thaw begins in famous literary fight. "At a 1976 movie premiere in Mexico City, Peruvian novelist Mario Vargas Llosa — with no apparent provocation — landed a punch to the left eye and nose of his once inseparable Colombian friend, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who six years later was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature."

From libelle: Polar Bear Knut has his first public appearance (with pics). (More: Knut, the cute polar bear cub, greets fans. Meanwhile, they happened to show him on the evening news while I was downstairs and my parents were treated to a shriek of "KNUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT!" from the general vicinity of the kitchen.)

Mouse makes off with captor's dentures.


Ashlee Simpson teaming up with Robert Smith? I... I have no words.

Keanu Reeves Sucks The Life From Frustrated Dialect Coach. Awww, I still love that movie. The bad accents just add flavor.

A link bibliotech left for me on More men taking wives' last names.

Many Americans see little point to Web: survey.

France agency posts UFO research online; French get a look at nation’s UFO files.

Fla. community college checkmates Ivy chess teams.

Take the Funny and Run. Long story short: a number of superstar comedians are known for stealing material, and Carlos Mencia is still, hands down, the most hated for it.

Fuzzy internet porn law struck down. I initially read this as "Furry internet porn law struck down" and was filled with terror.

lyra_inverse: "Don't do meth, y'all." More.

The reason you can't access Fandom Wank (or indeed, JournalFen at all) right now.

Girls Are Pretty: Today’s The Day To Complete Your “Reign Over Me” Action Figure Collection Day!

More 300 parodies. Even more here, but I have to warn you that NoScript blocked something called Adult Friend Finder on that site, so you may not want to proceed unless you have a fully-armored browser.

Warners Preps Bio of Revolutionary War Hero Nathan Hale.

Confirmed: Radcliffe, Grint and Watson to Return for Movies Six and Seven. Meanwhile, New Cards Inc. Draco, Ron, Hermione Action Figures. With patronuses!

Gibson, woman trade words at screening; Gibson in hot water for swearing at prof.

Crowe to Play Sherlock Holmes? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (This may be because I grew up on the Jeremy Brett Holmes, I don't know.)

DiCaprio and Winslet Reunite on Revolutionary Road.

The Final Spider-Man 3 Trailer.

The New American Ratatouille Trailer’s Online Today.

Rose McGowan to Play B-Movie Star Susan Cabot.

Sweeney Todd will resume shooting on Monday, now that Lily-Rose Depp is recoverng from, as it turns out, a case of e. coli with a 50% mortality rate.

New POTC3 site live. It seems a little sketchy right now, but the finished POTC2 site was really fun.

No Jurassic Park IV for Neill?

trailer_spot: Stardust, Ratatouille, Spider-Man 3, Hairspray, and Children of Men goodies.

“As a piece of film design, [TMNT] is first-rate; on sheer aesthetics alone, it rivals Triumph of the Will for astonishments.” WHAT?

la_sonnambula: "This might interest you: Antonia Fraser's writing room. I love that she has a frosty pink nailpolish called Melon of Troy. I can't wait for her book on Elizabeth I."

coconut_zebra: "The icontest community serenitystills is dying a slow death due to lack of participation. Those of us who are still there want it to live, obviously, and I was wondering if any of your thousands of readers were Serenity fans and icon makers who wanted to join a fun community. Thanks for your help!"

At ursulav's journal: My Little Leper Pony.

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