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Still not doing so good. Have stopped throwing up (TMI, I'm sorry), but stomach still upset every time I eat something. ("Booooo sustenance!") Didn't go to workshop tonight. Haven't emailed story to class yet--I have decided to just send them chapter 2 straight off, but there's a dialogue between Rose and West that just sincerely isn't working, because West lets slip way too much information, and it's completely out of character, and it needs to be more of a deadpan, "Maybe I'm telling the truth, maybe I'm not" kind of moment.

Sort of pissed that I missed class also because we had totally planned to go drinking at the Garage afterwards, which is an awesome little bar tucked back in what's practically an alternate dimension. It's like that house in Order of the Phoenix--you can't find it if you don't already know where it is. Ullrich took our workshop when I was an undergrad at BSC. The margarita was good (I think I also had the whiskey sour). Watson really wanted to go because he's new in town, on a year-long fellowship or something, and he'd read in Esquire or GQ that the Garage is one of the top ten bars in the world to visit. That blew my mind, man. Top ten in the world, and it's in Birmingham, and I've been there. And the sandwiches weren't even all that great. Damn.

(Hell, as much as I like the Garage, I would rate the Blue Monkey higher for atmosphere--granted, I was pretty toasted at the time, but I remember it having this red glow of an interior, long and narrow and built almost like a line of train cars, booths and alcoves lining the walls. It's probably not as awesome as I remember it. In fact, what I remember is almost like something out of one of my bizarro dreams...)

(Also, the Station is cool, and an actual train car, if I recall correctly. But it's a club and not just a sit-down bar. Bellbottoms is also an awesome club, and the music is great. For sit-down bars, I like Bailey's, although you have to bring people you know and like and take up a booth or table. There's no point in trying to meet people there, as it's crowded and smoky and everyone's at the pool tables anyway.)

(Mind Games is still one of my favorite bars for the awesome free '80s jukebox and the alcoves/booths with board games to play and the excellent whiskey sours. Also, I spent a very memorable New Year's there, playing Skipper to the Lovely Emily, aka "Captain Drunk," as we were the only two people in our party who did not end up vomiting. Man, I will never forget Sean roarking into a party hat.)

(When did this entry become "Bars I Have Known And Loved"?)

See, this is the kind of stuff I don't get to do anymore, given that all of my in-real-life friends have left town for school or jobs (or, in the case of Valerie and Mr. Typo, gotten married and gone to Rhode Island for school and jobs). And I've finally cultivated my class acquaintances to the point that I know who the good drinking buddies would be (Clifton, of course, and Catherine and probably Ashley), and first chance we get to go out... I punk out with the flu. And a rash. ON MY FACE.
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