Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Wednesday afternoon, taking a break from editing

Let's clear out the linkspam before Lostnesday, shall we?

FDA expands pet food recall.

Re: Possible hijackings of the Virginia Tech tragedy by politicians: "But we must also not lose sight of the fact that I am right on every significant moral and political issue."

Prospective Spector juror: 'I think he did it.' I don't think you have to watch two hours of Law and Order every day (cough) to know that this ain't good, or at least fair.

Smoking break saves woman from omgwtftree.

Surfer girl attacked by sea lion.

Boy foils coyote attack on nephew.

Pizza violence at Fenway Park.

Why is Sanjaya Malakar so popular? I don't know, but if he doesn't go this week (and he probably won't), my stepfather is going to keel over. Even worse: Sanjaya could actually win American Idol.

Boy band Menudo returning for reality series.

trailer_spot: Death at a Funeral, As You Like It, Charlie Bartlett, Balls of Fury, Spider-Man 3.

McAdams and Bana to star in The Time Traveler's Wife.

Ricci Revs Up Speed Racer.

Afterwards for Malkovich, Lilly and Duris.

Giovanni Ribisi To Star as Albert Einstein in Biopic.

Review: 'New' Tolkien splendidly rewarding; Tolkien's Children of Hurin to Become a Movie?

Hi-res OutNow versions of several OOTP stills.

First look at Carell and Hathaway in Get Smart.

1980 Musical 'Fame' Being Remade by MGM. Weirdly, I was actually listening to two versions of the title song last night--the original Irene Cara and a 1999(ish?) London cast recording, which has a slightly updated flavor to it.

Rob Marshall Will Direct The Big Screen Version Of 'Nine.'

Card Talks Ender's Game Movie.

Third Narnia Movie's Director Revealed.

Danny Boyle: "I'll Die Before I Make Another Sci-Fi Movie." Meanwhile, Boyle claims that Ewan McGregor has signed on for the Trainspotting sequel.

Beckinsale as Barbarella?; James Bond Writers Penning Barbarella.

Ford gets theatrical, hiring Mamet to film ads.

Hollywood FeudWatch: Frank Darabont Vs. George Lucas.

Uwe Boll Sinks to 9/11 Humor with 'Postal.'

Gillian Anderson Gives Incredible, Expletive-Laden Interview.

Diane Kruger Says They Should Have Let Her Play 'The Good German.' Well... I can see her point.

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