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Thursday evening, quick linkspam

Our long national nightmare is over: 'American Idol' says sayonara to Sanjaya.

Message of rage: "Virginia Tech gunman's chilling final words surface in a package mailed to NBC News." Okay, it was horrific and tragic and awful before, but now I'm just mad. You self-aggrandizing asshole, you compared yourself to Jesus--and to "martyrs like [the Columbine shooters]"--and then you mailed your threatening poses and your incoherent glory-seeking shit to NBC. You walked to a mailbox and posted it after the first shooting. What the fuck.

On a somewhat lighter note: One of Cho's photos may have been inspired by the Korean film Oldboy. ...In that they both involve hammers. Well, thank God they're not blaming The Matrix again. See! Other countries make violent movies too!

(Here's my thought on that in a nutshell: Violent movies and videogames do not make people violent. Violent people are attracted to violent media. Of course, so are many of the rest of us, just for different reasons. I ended up watching The Matrix about 46,000 times--at one point on a three-day loop--for the book, and I shot nobody. If you want to talk about warning signs, don't look at the kid's taste in movies or his literary output--look at those two things in the context of his real-life behavior, which was already disturbing his teachers and classmates. Stephen King? A folksy, personable guy in real life. Quentin Tarantino? Full of energy and enthusiasm. Consequently, no one expects them to go on shooting rampages. The bitter, stalkative kid who won't even speak when spoken to, who also writes about bloody murder sprees? For God's sake, keep an eye on him.)

(Also: Great Moments In Journalism: Media Attacks Virgina Tech Student's LiveJournal.)

Fox News obituary of Kurt Vonnegut. My jaw absolutely dropped at the last sentence, y'all--and that's not even counting what came before. Specific outrage here. Meanwhile, John Irving remembers the late Kurt Vonnegut.

Pet food recall expanded on new finding.

Followup: Five prospective Spector jurors dismissed.

Asian tycoon left legacy to fortune-teller.

Knut Receives Death Threat. FIE!

Rose McGowan loves

More pixel-stained technopeasant wretchery from Diane Duane.

'Law & Order' renewal still uncertain. You know, I don't think I've even seen an episode made in the last two years, so...

A trailer for The Golden Age, which I snagged before it got taken down from YouTube, thanks to <td></td><td width="100%">chaos_slave. "Let them come with the armies of hell! They will not pass!" Oh, historically inaccurate movies, never change. ♥

More POTC3 pics! I want to know where they came from, though, because there's got to be other non-Keira-centric ones where those came from. (I'm telling you, I was really torn between using my Elizabeth I icon and my Keira Amidala icon.) Meanwhile, more Keira promo shots at ONTD.

La Lohan Has Dropped Out of the Dylan Thomas Movie, Source Says. Thank God.

Matthew Fox In Final Talks To Play Racer X in 'Speed Racer.' This movie must have one hell of a script, y'all.

Laurence Fishburne to Voice The Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four 2.

Elijah Wood Producing Noir Black Wings Has My Angel. Okay, I would go see that for the title alone.

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