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I actually turned down a movie outing to work on my Pixel-Stained Techopeasant piece for tomorrow, so y'all better enjoy the hell out of it.

Five things: No one has actually tagged me for this meme, but I want to do it anyway. Heh. So, five things most people (on the internets) don't know about me:

1. I still have a large collection of My Little Ponies from my childhood in the back of my closet. Large as in "I had the four-rooms-and-a-pool pony mansion."

2. I have always secretly wanted to be a back-up singer, in that Aspirations I Will Never Actually Do Anything About kind of way.

3. I once roomed with an actual crackwhore. To be fair, I think she was doing coke rather than crack.

4. I used to love mushrooms as a toddler, and then one day my mother made homemade spaghetti sauce with those canned, sliced mushrooms that are kind of bland and beige, and I saw them on my plate and decided they looked exactly like severed ears. Now, how I knew this at the age of three I don't know, but I have a very hard time eating mushrooms unless they're just kind of there in small bits, like buried in pizza.

5. When I was in--high school? Early college?--I sent a script out to the X-Files' production office. I didn't tell anyone at the time because even I knew how lame an endeavor it was, but you know, there's always that 1% chance that totally awesome things will happen. Unfortunately, the other 99% prevailed when 1013's lawyers promptly sent it back, saying that for the show's own protection, no one in production could read unsolicited manuscripts. Years later, though, there was an episode that included what was also the primary element of my script (someone stalking Scully, victims found with their hearts torn out. I want to say it was "Milagro"?). On the other hand, pretty much the rest of the episode was nothing like it, and I really do believe they didn't read the script. The coincidence just always struck me as cosmically weird.

(Also, "Five things, besides 'your ride,' that you might wish to 'pimp.' ")

Pirates swashbuckle into New Orleans.

'Dangerous' prisoner faxes his way to freedom. I just love the headline.

Punk icon Iggy Pop turns 60, dives off stage. And all was right with the world.

Fashion was strong by the middle of the decade, and over a hundred women in Philadelphia perished at the hands of ladies who felt the victims had 'bit their styles.'

Phil Stacey now Vote for the Worst's pick? "We love you even if you can't be exposed to direct light." Meanwhile, a chat with the creator of Vote for the Worst.

trailer_spot: the low-res international OOTP trailer, which I also found here. Includes another, different shot of Bellatrix looking awesome; Ralphdemort looking weirdly hot in a tailored black-on-black suit; and yet more proof that the only battle spell Harry knows is "Expelliarmus."

Philip Pullman Says He Always Wanted Nicole Kidman To Lead 'The Golden Compass.' Which is interesting, because when I reread the book after the movie stills had come out, she seemed absolutely perfect for Marisa Coulter--the only difference being that Coulter apparently has short dark hair. On the other hand, Pullman's top choice for Lord Asriel was... Laurence Olivier, which would be perfect if we had a time machine.

"An individual from Jane Fonda's camp recently made me aware of Jane's bitterness towards Lindsay Lohan..."

Darabont Angry at "Wasted Year" Over 'Indiana Jones 4' Script.

Rachel Weisz Dropped 'Mummy 3' Because of Bad Script, Source Says.

Brad Pitt Joining Coens' Burn After Reading.

Sam Mendes Will Direct 'Middlemarch.'

300's Rodrigo Santoro Joins Rose McGowan In 'Black Oasis.'

New Alien vs. Predator 2 Pics. I mention this only because my mother really liked the first one, much to her own surprise. But then, she's the one who raised me with Aliens constantly on TV in the background, so I'm not sure why this came as a shock.

New Narnia Blog Update.

First Look at The Joker... Kinda.

Great Moments In Remake History: Building A Better 'Birds.' *headdesk*

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