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Sunday afternoon, lazy

I've been flipping off empty air a lot lately; it makes me feel better. Spent yesterday reading Philippa Gregory's The Virgin's Lover, which was enjoyably ridiculous; I've heard that The Queen's Fool is better, so I saved that for second. I am now in possession of The Queen and Notes on a Scandal on DVD, and my mother wants to watch the former this afternoon, if we can manage it; I've seen that one, but not Notes on a Scandal yet.

ankhet: "I know you probably already have this from your RSS feeds, but I wanted to ask you to put it in your next linkspam: Contaminated hogs may be in human food supply."

Man arrested in mugging of woman, 101. God, I remember when the Today show ran the surveillance video of this. Nothing like watching an elderly woman get punched in the face on a five-minute loop. GAH.

Report: Militants vow to capture Prince Harry.

Student arrested for imagining violence.

Liberia loses 'blood diamond' label.


Do we have to hear the kissing bits?

'American Idol' raises $30M for charity; Celebs Stayin’ Alive for Africa; Dion Stuns America With Elvis Duet.

Former MPAA Head Jack Valenti Dies at 85.

Scoop: Did Prince mock Paris Hilton's singing ability? God, I hope so.

Barrymore tops People ‘100 Most Beautiful.’ "Making the cover 'made my peacock feathers shine in the golden-hour light and extend to the heavens,' says Barrymore, who stars in the upcoming Warner Bros. film Lucky You, opposite Eric Bana."

Recovering Ebert soaks up fan adoration at film festival.

Hugh Grant arrested over ‘beans attack.’ Hugh Grant has been arrested and questioned by police after a photographer accused the actor of attacking him with a tub of baked beans. Which he did, by the way, because at some point I saw pictures of it.

Indian court issues warrant for Gere over kiss.

Alec Baldwin Dumped CAA because of Dora the Explorer?

trailer_spot: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Goya's Ghosts, Rise: Blood Hunter, Joe Strummer, Pirates; Elizabeth - Golden Age, Last Hangman, Boss of It All, Next, Hot Fuzz, Anchorman 300.

New POTC3 crew member designs. Includes variations on Crusty!Jack.

New WB "Dumbledore's Army" Website Opens.

Assuming it's true, do we have a Narcissa? Naomi Watts, Jack Davenport, Stephen Rea for HBP?

Tonner Spider-Man 3 dolls, or "Drunkst the Doll!," as the ever-classy ONTD puts it. I have heard rumors that Tonner may put out POTC and/or LOTR dolls, at which point I will start weeping and/or selling my blood plasma.

David Goyer to Direct Magneto. Sadly, it doesn't really sound like the kind of story they'd need Ian McKellen for; it's also been compared to Hannibal Rising, in terms of the Younger Version of Character Hunting Down Nazis, or Something plot element. Because God knows we need two of those, and both of them without the older actors who made the characters popular.

Natalie Portman Goes Blonde for My Blueberry Nights.

Cassidy: Blade Runner Reshoots Done? Wow, it's good to know that it's 1987.

Kate Beckinsale claims this is the first she's heard of the Barbarella remake.

Legendary Hogzilla to be portrayed in horror flick.

Bestselling author tackles Wonder Woman.

Emma Watson on Ron and Hermione: "A Perfect Couple." Oh, Jesus! Batten the hatches!

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