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Recovered entry that for some reason got posted to a community instead of my journal. Ah, well; it's the internet. Surely it's not even the single stupidest thing that's happened today.

Posse 2: Electric Boogaloo

"So, here's the update on Possegate," says my mother, smirking. "Found out what the next two posters were going to say--HOW BIG IS YOUR POSSE? and then WHO'S IN YOUR POSSE?"


So I made myself another lovely giant salad, but I was in a rush with only 30 minutes until class, and I had washed the entire head of romaine last night so I didn't wash the individual leaves I tore off, and I was sitting in front of the computer eating my lovely giant salad when suddenly I saw--

Cleolinda: (mmmm. Ensalada gigantesca)

Vladimir: hopefully it has some protein, or you won't survive class

Cleolinda: OH MY SHIT

Vladimir: well, as I said - protein
Vladimir: :D


--curled belly-up at the edge of the plate like it had managed to drag itself out of the vinaigrette with its last breath.

Now... I want you to understand that I am hypoglycemic, and that I needed food before class, and that my hair was still wet and I needed to dry it and I didn't have time to fix something else to eat. I want you to bear that in mind when I tell you... Dear Reader, I ate that salad. Well, I didn't eat the lettuce. And obviously the spider had been borne away on a paper towel to a garbage can final resting place nearby. And Vladimir kept teasing me about crunchable spider legs the entire time. And I examined each atom of food before I put it in my mouth. And I only ate off the side of the plate opposite from Black Spider Down. (Actually, it was a light mottled brown.) And I felt really queasy the whole time. I didn't enjoy it at all. But I was going to be damned if I was going to let a whole grilled chicken breast go to waste when my blood sugar had bottomed out.

Assorted news having nothing actually to do with me

Nicole Kidman has been cast as the White Witch for the LW&W movie. She had toured the New Zealand set on Thursday in a visit so secret that even I knew about it. I wasn't happy at first, but really, she's got that white skin and she's so damn tall and she does a good bitchface and she'll do fine with a dark wig. I'm sure Walden Media can rest easy now that I'm satisfied.

Viggo Mortensen's death has been greatly exaggerated. Particularly if you notice, as Vladimir did, that the article mentions "County Highway JJ in the town of Copenhagen Denmark, according to a release from the Copenhagen Sheriff’s Department." Rrrrrrright.

Weta Workshop and Decipher will put out cards of LOTR characters not featured in the movies--including Tom Bombadil, Goldberry, Radagast, and Glorfindel. I'm just interested to see what that's going to look like. You think actors will get "cast" as models?

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