Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Friday afternoon, megasnerfy

Oh God, so sick. Nonetheless, I am going out to dinner tonight ("Moe's? With the salsa bar? At least I'll be able to taste that") and then out to see Spider-Man III, which I've heard is kind of a hot mess, so at least my expectations are adjusted accordingly. Also, that makes my job easier. Note: It's one of the key movies for the second book, which I haven't pitched yet, so it's technically not guaranteed to exist, so: worst comes to worst, it'll be posted online. If it's a sequel or the first movie in a series, and it's a really big one, odds are you won't be seeing it online. Something that's totally cracktastic but, like the cheese, stands alone? That might have a chance. And I say "might," because--and I think a lot of people don't realize this--I'm limited by what magically works for me at that moment. If I've run out of funny, as I did for much of 2006 (!), it doesn't matter how perfect the movie is. It kind of has to come together in the moment, which is why I had something of a nervous breakdown trying to write the book. It's also why I want The Golden Compass in the book, because that gives me a guaranteed time frame in which the book cannot be finished. Surely I'll be able to pull something out of my ass by December? Surely?

Wow, that was a mighty tangent. Anyway: a small--but excellent--smattering of linkspam from my gigantic backlog:

ZOMG JACOB. The guy at EW totally agrees that it's Locke in some form, by the way. The nose doesn't quite look right, now that I look at it closely, but it makes as much sense as anything.

Queen concludes visit with toast, joke. "In Washington, she honored American soldiers at the National World War II Memorial, visited sick children at a hospital and stood graciously as the president started to suggest she had lived in the 18th century." *facepalm*

youngcurmudgeon: "What may be the best headline ever."

Something I had fun with, uh, last weekend: The POTC3 pirate flag maker.

Gigundo OOTP stills, many of which we've seen before, but at least a couple that I hadn't.

I have a short list of famous people I would like to have shot into the sun, and this week, one of them? Goin' to jaaaaaaail! "[Paris] Hilton, who parlayed her name and relentless partying into worldwide notoriety, must go to jail on June 5 and she will be allowed no work release, no furloughs, no use of an alternative jail and no electronic monitoring in lieu of jail, Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer ruled after a hearing."

Paris may end up serving half her sentence. Thanks for HARSHING MY BUZZ, dude.

A new Stardust ad/poster via Neil Gaiman. ("My own suggestion, 'Stardust. It's not a sequel to anything,' was appreciated but, probably wisely, rejected.")

The only spider I have ever found to be cute. You know why? That spider is totally throwing up the horns, y'all. That spider is mid-headbang. That spider is EFFING METAL.

$10M Dukes of Hazzard car bid somehow not real. " 'If this guy was just doing it as a prank or to ruin someone else's chances, he deserves to be hit in the pocketbook,' said Stockman, who gave the winning bidder a negative rating in eBay's feedback forum." Anything but that!

'Spider-Man 3' Is "Silly," Says Lucas. But is it rough, like sand, and not smooth like your skin?

Via Fandom Wank: What THE HELL. Here's the thing: You can have a Sideshow maquette of Mary Jane washing Spidey's costume (while barefoot and wearing pearls, no less). You can have her leaning over at a physically impossible angle. You can sculpt her as having pretty much no internal organs. You can have her tits falling out of her top. You can have a hole in the ass of her jeans, and you can even have yards of visible thong. But you cannot do all these things at once and expect female comic fans, who DO EXIST, not to be completely disgusted with your company. Galadriel is so disappointed in you.

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