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Tuesday evening, wiped

SO. SICK. My mother actually packed the pups off to the vet for baths so I could have half a day to suffer in peace. Taking cold medicine religiously every four hours has kept the Death Chills away, but nothing is putting a dent in the coughing fits, not even prescription cough syrup. So I have just a little linkspam, but don't miss the Golden Age and Dark Is Rising stills. Actually, you might want to miss the DIR ones...

Spider-man: Peter Parker and Mary Jane Split The Chores. Not work-safe, FYI. I'm just proud because I saw the Spidey art when it debuted in the comments at Fandom Wank.

Irish dolphins could have their own brogue; Study: French workers biggest whiners, Irish happiest. Coincidence? Also, the graphic that accompanies the second link cracks me up.

Teen hurt whacking bullets with hammer; Darwin Award in the mail. "A teenager who put bullets in a vise and whacked them with a hammer to empty the brass shell casings was wounded in the abdomen by approximately the 100th bullet he hit, according to Warren County deputies."

Cyclist OK after truck runs over head.

Pollution turning Taj Mahal yellow.

eBay condemned for allowing "rampant" ivory trade.

Syracuse prof is pop culture ambassador.

Kids Today: 8 Handy Ways To Identify "Generation Y"! Oh, shit--they nailed me at "Big headphones," the first thing on the list. Actually, I don't know which generation I actually am--I think I'm too young to be Gen X, which was already in full swing fifteen years ago. But at 28, am I too old to be Gen Y, which I associate more with my sister? Help! WITHOUT A SHALLOW, FACILE LABEL I AM LOST.

From ilanka: Gonzales proposes new crime: 'Attempted' copyright infringement. Do you ever get the feeling that they're just looking for things to imprison people for?

"The Golden Age" Stills. Rrrrowr. Also, I am officially in love with half the costumes.

Tim Roth to play Hulk villain?

From karintheswede: Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg in talks to make Tintin trilogy. Meanwhile, "Gollum" Technology To Be Used for Tintin Movies. "Jackson said that the characters will 'look photorealistic ... They look exactly like real people -- but real Hergé people.' "

The Dark Is Rising stills: I have a feeling y'all aren't going to be very happy about these. I don't have any particular reason, it's just... a feeling.

More stills: Bratz: The Movie (Isn't this what Jeffrey Sebelia from Project Runway was last working on? And wasn't very happy about it?), Fantastic Four 2, A Mighty Heart, Nancy Drew (sigh), Persepolis, Michael Moore's Sicko.

And finally, from pottersues: "I'm having an activity where one would send in their First Harry Potter Mary-Sue, with a little blurb about why they remember it." Bear in mind, it was pottersues where I learned everything I would later put into Cleo Sue.

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