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Sunday night, sadfacing at a gnat in my drink

Oh my God. So sick. So very, very sick. Actually, I think I'm through the worst of it now, but I spent the last three or four days hacking continuously. Lots of cold sweats and hot flashes as well. I'm probably not as hydrated as I should be, but water and iced tea taste so harsh to me--probably because I can't smell, and therefore taste, much of anything. So I've been drinking ginger ale instead, which is better than nothing, but isn't great. I've also been having a hard time eating because it's like I can't eat and breathe at the same time, for some reason. I definitely can't laugh at all, and anything the least bit amusing usually involves a near-death experience. Also, I ended up with legendary bedhead, which I just now managed to untangle after an hour and half a bottle of conditioner. I ended up washing everything--clothes, sheets, pillowcases--after I got to the point where I wanted to just burn everything I'd been touching for the last week and cut all my hair off with a pair of kitchen scissors while I was at it. As of tomorrow, it'll have been two solid weeks of the Death Flu-Cold, which my sister had for five before the rest of us came down with it. WHEE.

All right, I've weeded through my backlog and can now present the best of the links that weren't hopelessly outdated. The defining quality of this batch of linkspam: fantastic headlines.

Bush White House fires back at Jimmy Carter. Long story short: Carter says Bush is worst president in history of ever, White House says, "Oh yeah, well--well--YOU'RE IRRELEVANT!," pouts.

Linkin Park's mysterious cyberstalker. "As Dimitrelos worked the case from Alabama, the Benningtons continued to be harassed by the cyberstalker they sometimes referred to as Crazypants." Crazypants, by the way, "had Q-level security clearance, which allows nonmilitary personnel to access atomic or nuclear materials."

If you haven't heard about FanLib--a for-profit archive site that wants "to bring fan fiction to the masses"--yet, this won't be the last time you do. As telesilla points out, "You say that your mission is to bring fan fiction into the mainstream. Never mind that I don't think you ever asked the fan fiction community if they wanted to be brought into the mainstream and I certainly haven't seen any great demand from the community for something like this. What I really want to know is, do you honestly think that the mainstream is ready for fan fiction?" Her rundown/commentary on the FanLib FAQ is definitely worth reading, if only for 1) the breezy, occasionally misleading, and often self-contradictory nature of the FAQ itself, 2) copy-pasted YOU R SO MEEN spamming from the head of FanLib, 3) plus the comeback "Reading this, I find it hard to believe you could manage an orgy in a brothel, let alone manage a business."

Writer Lloyd Alexander dies at 83, two weeks after his wife's death. "Alexander began his writing career as a humorist, cartoonist, and advertising writer, but is most known for his extensive oeuvre of children’s novels. Based on Welsh mythology, the Chronicles of Prydain became favorites of children all over the world. The Black Cauldron received a Newbery Honor in 1966 and The High King, the finale of the Chronicles of Prydain, was the Newbery winner in 1969. In a 1970 article on humor, written for The Horn Book Magazine, Alexander wrote: 'Humor can help us accept our transiency, our mortality — in which all men are truly equal — and give us the courage, and the grace, to live reasonably and compassionately.' By all accounts, he did so."

Simon & Schuster has decided that they're going to hold onto the rights to their books for the life of copyright. Not as good a deal for authors as it might sound: "The ability to take back a book, to say to the publisher 'Sell it or lose it,' is one of the few bits of leverage that authors have."

Period-blocking pill nears approval.

Woman survives 'internal decapitation.'

'Scotty's' 'beamed up' ashes found in New Mexico.

Somalia's rent-a-tree disaster.

Barbie Bandit: 'Stuff we did was pretty ignorant.'

Cops hoping to look fearsome on Segways.

Will new book end JFK conspiracy theories? Short answer: no.

New ugly dog champion crowned at Do Dah Day here in town.

Anti-Comics-Feminist Bingo: The Callers Enclue You.

trailer_spot: We Own the Night, My Blueberry Nights, Transformers, Persepolis, A Mighty Heart, Pirates 3.

Photoshop Phriday: Grindhouse Movies.

Depp says Keith Richards is 'Cool'. Which is one of those "Sky is blue" headlines, but the opening sentence made me laugh: "Johnny Depp has a man crush on Keith Richards, who has a small role in the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie." (Also: Johnny and Keef on the cover of the new Rolling Stone.)

Pics from the POTC3 premiere. I mention this because Geoffrey Rush's date was apparently the monkey.

Orlando Bloom Latest Casualty Of Bloody Cupcake War, Iffy On ‘Hobbit’ Role Unless Peter Jackson Returns.

Audrey Tautou will play Coco Chanel.

Jackson is The Octopus in Miller's Spirit.

Bill Pullman Is Kind Of, But Not Really, Philip K. Dick.

Scarlett Johansson is still Mary Queen of Scots.

Elijah Wood to Play Iggy Pop.

Naomie Harris Joins Keanu Reeves In 'Night Watch.'

Daniel Craig Reportedly Signs for Ed Zwick's War Film 'Defiance.'

The CW cancels cult hit Veronica Mars. This is more publicity than the show ever got while it was on.

Meanwhile, Kristen Bell moves on to... Gossip Girl Official Teaser.

'Fanboys' Pushed to 2008; Director is "Devastated" and "So Excited" at the Same Time.

Warner Bros. Releases First Photo of The Joker; Nestor Carbonell Joins The Dark Knight. Carbonell is probably best known to readers of this journal as That Really Hot Other on Lost Who Kind of Always Looks Like He's Wearing Eyeliner and Used to Be on Suddenly Susan, But We Won't Hold That Against Him.

New stills: Tales from Earthsea - Gedo senki.

Robert Downey Compares Working with David Fincher to a Gulag.

Official Denial: Olsen Twins Not in Next James Bond Movie.

Dark Rises Differently, or the reason I was pretty sure the movie would upset people.

Tina Fey Talks 'Mean Girls' Musical.

Orlando Bloom and Scarlett Johansson in Pompeii? Please God, let this movie happen. I can actually feel the parody writing itself right now.

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