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So. I should go to bed, but I was hit by a migraine this afternoon and took a nap, so I'm not tired. I really am steeling myself to start my mesmerism paper tomorrow, because I'd like to be able to go out (or rather, stay in and booze through a couple of movies, more likely) with the Lovely Em. And there's still more reading to do for the same class. Now, if I do all my work tomorrow like a good girl, it should be a breeze. But I am a champion procrastinator--I've won the state title fourteen years in a row, man--so we'll see how this goes.

The Lovely Em and I had lunch at California Pizza Kitchen today and talked shop (namely French catacombs--odd shop we have, isn't it?), had the warm chocolate soufflé with vanilla bean sauce for dessert, and then wandered around Barnes & Noble for about an hour, looking at books we have neither the time nor the money to read, but really really want to read anyway.

Soooo muuuuch reeeeading. I wish I had more hours in the day. I know I'll have spring break, but I'm so behind on my wish list and I'll be doped up on painkillers--some days I wish I could just eat books.

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