Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
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Is almost sleeps tiem now

I have a number of moderately profound thoughts (more on horror writing, and a mental list I like to noodle around with called People I Would Like to See Shot into the Sun), but I haven't even replied to comments on the previous entry yet. I spent most of the day pleasantly comatose, up to my eyeballs in over-the-counter cold medicine, while the pups boarded at the vet while the carpets dried. Good times. So here's the linkspam culled from my Google Reader, lest I fall behind, and also because I really want to post that Paris Hilton is going back to jaaaaaaaaaail. JAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!

Paris Hilton back at home to serve out sentence under house arrest, "medical" reasons cited; DA raises holy hell. JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIL!

The new Transformers theme. I'm sort of watching in horror as this picks up more and more steam as THE non-Potter movie of the summer, not because it's Michael Bay and not because it's "some brainless action movie," but because Transformers was the cartoon that always disappointed me by NOT BEING SHE-RA. WHY IS IT NOT SHE-RA TIME YET? I AM EIGHT YEARS OLD AND UNFORGIVING. Also, because I'm kind of afraid I might end up liking it. And with Hugo Weaving involved, that's a distinct possibility. (As skyblade pointed out, how hilarious is it that Weaving's gotten typecast as the Guy Who Doesn't Like Humans?)

I Am Legend Trailer Hits. Dammit, this is opening on my birthday? The birthday where I traditionally go see a birthday movie? Well, it better damn be good, then.

(Poster: I Am Legend. Is this the best you can do? Seriously, maybe I'll just go see The Golden Compass two weekends in a row.)

Trailer for The Brave One (Neil Jordan, Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard) online.

Stardust commercials: Not as accurate as one might hope. "One of the TV spots somehow managed to give the vague impression that this film is a romance between Claire Danes and Robert DeNiro, which is just wrong on so many levels."

Damon, Greengrass to Emerald City.

Naomi Watts to Star in We Are All the Same.

Edward James Olmos: "Blade Runner Failed Because of Harrison Ford."

Moore Writing I, Robot Sequel.

Stills: Julianne Moore's Savage Grace; Fantastic Four 2: The Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Hey, they're still trying to make that Blair Witch prequel. Good luck with that, kids.

Sarah Jessica Parker Says Time is Right for 'Sex and the City' Movie.

Amanda Bynes Leads ‘The Seven Dorks.’

'Knocked Up' director Judd Apatow sued by author of... Knocked Up.

Disney Sets Narnia 3 and Prince of Persia Dates.

Connery picks retirement over 'Indy 4.'

Frank Miller’s Return Trip To ‘Sin City’ Still Moving Forward; Miller Says Sin City 3 Planned, Too. "That story [SC3], Rodriguez divulged, would concentrate on Miller's 'Hell and Back,' the story of a hallucinating artist named Wallace." Aww, I didn't really like that one. "Rumors have persisted for months that the role of Wallace was being written for Johnny Depp, a casting coup that Rodriguez himself was coyly confident would eventually happen." ... I'm sorry, was I saying something?

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